Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Impression of Fiat Punto Emotion by Rajat Issar

I am really sorry to post this entry very late as Rajat emailed me his review of Fiat Punto Emotion around 2 years ago. I am busy with several things and this is the reason why it happened. By the way, you can go through Rajat’s review of his Punto. Though this review was done 2 years ago, still it is as fresh as now. After reading, you can express your views via the comment section below. Now here you go:

Last evening, I just though to visit Fiat showroom to have a quick look at the newly launched Fiat Punto. Mind you for last 3 months I am struggling to choose my second car which will give me better mileage, comfort, and feel of luxury but at same time have value for money. I was hopping between a premium hatchback and entry level sedan. As my budget is 5 to 6 lakhs, I have driven Ford Icon Diesel, Hyundai i20, Hyundai Accent Executive , Swift Dzire, Switch VDI, Getz CRDI, Maruti A-star, Maruti Ritz, even Maruti Sx4 Vxi, though out of my budget.

Compare New Swift 2011 VDI versus Punto Emotion Pack 

Man trust me when you are limited with budget and have love for car, then making choice is really difficult. Last time when I bought my first car I had struggle in the same way but Maruti Sx4 Zxi at time of launch made my job easier. I had same feeling when I coincidentally landed up to see Punto . Trust me guys this is one car where you are ready to put your bet on. After having a feel of it I honestly gave up my desire for another sedan. All the above mentioned cars lack one or the other thing but this car has damn everything to make you have one.

Best build quality in its class. Although it is little pricey than Swift but trust me you will know why you are paying more. The quality of plastic interiors is simply amazing. In fact after having close look, I like Punto build quality better than Fiat Linea. And I have reason for it.

Space wise, the car never gives you a cramp desire for a sedan. Even pushing the front seat to max at bottom you still have enough leg space at back seat. Boot is also 280 liters which is good when you are looking for a hatchback. Plus folding seats give you enough room to keep your stuff for outings (that’s why I am planning this car.) Blow punk music system sounds impressive. Plus there are well-placed cub holders and two glove boxes (in Emotion ) to keep your stuff.

Last but not least! Fiat offers you service after 30000 km. Man I never heard any car coming for service after 30k km but Punto do. Man that is what we call confidence in the build and performance.

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Michale said...

I like this car. It is very compact and flexible. Its color and design is super and attractive.
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