Thursday, March 22, 2012

Buy Hyundai i10 vs Nissan Micra vs Ritz vs Etios Liva

Planning to buy a new petrol hatchback car? Confused between NextGen i10 and Nissan Micra, then read on…If your travel is within the city, then there are not many good cars than Hyundai i10 Petrol VTVT. The design is peppy and fresh. It is zippy and stylish. Hyundai i10 has good interiors and has good mileage and performance too. But the part where it scores the most over Nissan is after sales service. Nissan would not be able to provide you that huge service network, faster turnaround times, etc. that Hyundai provides. Hyundai i10 VTVT is the best bet. I bought new i10 silver color recently and clocked 2500 kilometers without any issues. Actually, me and my brother-in-law bought two cars together from Rishabh Hyundai in Okhla, New Delhi and got really great discounts. I have got my first service from Hans Hyundai and besides some issue that was not resolved in the first visit, the service was very fast. I immediately received a call from Hans Hyundai and they told me to rate their service. I told them that I am not satisfied with their service as I have some little noise issue that has not been cleared. The girl from the Hans Hyundai told me that we are sending someone at your place to pick up the car and they did it within the next hour, got the issue resolved without any hassles, and delivered the car at my place. So Hyundai’s service is awesome. I don’t know much about Nissan but assuming they are very new in the small car segment, it will take some years for them to settle around with after sales service.
This is my car - Hyundai i10 NextGen

If one wants to consider more options, then one can look at Maruti Ritz if you don’t want to wait for Maruti Swift (considering the waiting time after booking). Ritz has got good space inside. It is a tall boy design that makes it a practical city hatch. And the K series engine in Maruti Ritz is not only a good performer but is also frugal. If you can live with the rear design of the car, it makes a good choice.

Other than that, other great option is Etios Liva Petrol hatchback considering the Toyota’s brand image and the space inside the car. Seriously, I own an i10 currently but I love Etios Liva because of the space it provides inside. Actually, you feel like you are not sitting in a hatchback but sitting inside a sedan.

Now here are some pointers for Nissan Micra vs i10:

Engine performance, fuel economy:
Nissan Micra comes with 1.2 liter 3-Cyl 12-Valve DOHC engine with max power 76 PS @6000 rpm whereas Hundai i10 with 1.2 liter 4-Cyl 16Valve DOHC with VTVT (Variable Timing Valve Train) gives out maximum power 80 PS at 6000 rpm which is far better than Nissan Micra that slightly sounds kind of like a diesel engine.

Nissan Micra just reminded me of Porsche when I looked the front bonnet and headlights....I loved d bubbly cute looks whereas somewhat I didn’t liked the front grille of new i10.

Micara is more spacious and comfortable than i10. The airconditioner that instantaneously chills the interiors but the rear headrests are useless.

Ride Quality and Handling of Micra is far better than i10 and suspension is good tuned for comfort and feels as if you are driving a sedan.

One thing I like about Nissan is that Micra comes with driver’s side airbag that is standard across all variants of this car.

Micra's ground clearance is only 154 mm, liked both cars because they both have some unique features and are perfect city cars.

According to me, if I buy Micra, then I am really worried about after sales service

Also, MICRA being a 3-cylinder car may give you more mileage, but not power and feel as compared to a 4-cylinder vehicle.

On the other Hand, i10 is a VERY SILENT car with nice seating posture but the ABC in i10 are placed too closed as compared to Swift, Ritz or even a INDICA. This is a problem for people who wear 9 to 10 no. shoes and more importantly when you own a Swift, you will need a lot of adjustment while switching cars (i.e. you swift and (if) i10). i10s shocks are not that bad either. Hyundai i10 comes with a power pack features as same as MICRA too. Even if Micra handles better than the i10, I think i10s performance would be far better than the Micras on the Highway. You have to make your priorities clear as to what purpose you need the car, so my conclusion is test drive all the cars and buy the best car.


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tv said...

In my opinion all these three cars Hyundai i10 Nissan Micra, and Ritz come in hatchback class and very reputed by their performance and mileage but I would like to buy Hyundai i10 as it looks so expensive.

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