Wednesday, June 22, 2011

French Carmaker Renault Plans 70 Dealerships across India

Though Mahindra and Renault announced their business split in 2009 itself, it practically happened in 2010. Within first 5 months of 2010, the Logans with Renault logo and name were selling out fast due to heavy discount and very few were in stock. As Mahindra cannot use Logan name anymore for its new cars as Logan is registered by Renault, Mahindra put down the Renault logo, gave its cars a new name as well as gave some cosmetic changes to the new cars, including reducing the length to bring it under 4 meters and lower down the cost. Renault name was also be put down from all dealership boards.
At the same time when Mahindra was engaged in getting off Renault, the French Carmker Renault was preparing to reenter Indian market in a grand way and is planning to launch two products initially, Koleos sports utility vehicle and Fluence Sedan. Renault has build up a new plant at Chennai, India and both the new products will come to India as CKD version and assembled in Renault India’s automobile plant. Renault is planning to appoint not less than 70 dealerships across India by the year 2013. Renault is also going to launch three new auto models by 2014 which will include a small car to take on Maruti Swift and others in its class. Renault is a big name in Europe and will now play with full force in India. Again, it is a better time for the Indian car customers.