Friday, May 20, 2011

New Maruti Alto K10 - My Review

Here is my brief review of Alto K10:

1. The engine is same 1000 cc proven K-Series powerhouse engine used in Maruti A-STAR, Wagon R, and Estilo, so engine reliability is not an issue.
2. Alto K10 is using the same wheelbase used in old ALTO, so chassis and handling is not an issue.
3. Tires are bigger than old ALTO. I would highly recommend to buy alloy wheels and better tires, wider one.
4. Seat position and interior space is same, except rear legroom which is a bit more than previous in old Altos.
5. New improved cable based gearbox.

Alto K10 VXI fire red color
But there are a few things I did not like about K-10:

1. Even the top-end version of K10 does not have rear power windows.
2. Inside space is too cramped.
3. There is very less leg room for front passengers.
4. Elbowing while gear shifting.
5. Plastic quality is not good.

So if you like the old Maruti Alto, then you will more than like the new one. I would say it is worth every penny and is value for money, but if you are not a diehard Maruti fan, then you will think about other options.

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