Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indica Turbomax Vs Tata Indica Vista Aura

Email question: Hi Soni, I have planned to buy Indica Vista Quadrajet Aqua variant. After going through its reviews on the Internet, I inquired with a few Vista owners about their feedback. Most of them were telling about some recurring troubles like rattling sound, wheel alignment problem, ineffective AC, and other build quality-related issues. A couple of them even told that the build quality of Vista Aura is poorer than that of Indica DLS though I don’t believe so. It seems that Tata motors has introduced a new version of Indica named Tata Indica Turbomax (DLE & DLS). It has got more power (71 ps) and bigger wheel size (14”) than the earlier Indica versions. Now, I am really confused on choosing between Vista Quadrajet and Indica Turbomax. Please help.
Answer: Indica Turbomax V2 has Tatas own 1.4L turbo diesel engine with 71 bhp, 135Nm torque at 2500 RPM (this engine is used in Vista TDI models). Vista quadrajet aura has Fiat's own engine 1.3L CRDI with 75 bhp and 190Nm torque at 1750 RPM (used in cars like Fiat Punto, Maruti Swift, and Maruti Dzire). The Vista Aura is the latest one and has new features that have not been given in any other Tata cars till now (of course Manza have these features also). Vista is more spacious than the old Indicas. Vista Aura is better built than V2 Indicas. Yes I agree that the plastic used may make some people a bit irritating. This is where Tata lacks in this car. High-end Vista Aura has ABS and dual-front airbags also. You can go ahead and download the brochures of both cars from Tata’s website and see the difference. I guarantee that you will like Vista Aura Quadrajet instead of Indica Turbomax. Also, make visit to the showroom and take test drives. But Vista Aura is pricey compared to V2 Indicas, but it is worth your money for what it packs under the bonnet, the special Fiat’s multijet engine and gearbox.

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Buy Tata Indica Vista Aura Quadra Or Not?

There are many people who are confused with buying Tata Indica Vista Aura Quadra. Here is some insight for those people:

Interiors: The interiors of Indica Vista Aura Quadra have moved a few steps ahead from its predecessor, though the look inside gives a feel of straight rip off from Ford Fusion/Fiesta but the Tata logo still makes it feel proud for what it has done. The central console concept is well adapted in the car which is very easy to get accustomed to after a few rides and is actually better than getting lost behind the steering. Still there is an incomplete impression with the finish of plastic fittings putting it below the mark. Overall the interiors are impressive. The space inside is unlimited for a hatchback, with ample legroom in front as well rear and good seating position in the rear seat, though the boot space has not seen much improvement.

Exteriors: Driving Vista Aura Quadra around the city in a week has actually turned quite heads around guessing what this new machine is and finally surprised to see the Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet badge behind it. Well that’s a straight compliment to designers I guess. The styling is overall superb redefining the Indica tag completely smart, sleek, and sexy look in short. Headlights extended and the futuristic appeal is just right for what it deserves to be. The c-pillar being pulled further rear adds an all new touch.

Diesel Vista rules Diesel Swift
It is a well known fact that the performance of any diesel engine lies on the efficiency of its turbocharger. In Maruti Swift, it is configured in such a way that it will get charged at 2000 RPM (more engine rev) but in the Vista Aura Quadra it is set at 1750 RPM which will ensure the sudden pickups even on the low RPM. Also, there comes the fact of drivability and torque, so Vista goes ahead the Swift far away. It is a fact that must be accepted then comparing to the value for money and diesel service records. No body will defeat the FIAT Multijet engine that is doing wonders in Fiat Linea and Punto, Tata Manza, and Maruti Dezire also and that FIAT is already owned by the Great TATA, so now you all can think who the clear winner is.

One thing which is noticed opposite to my above statement is the problem of turbo boost at low RPM is you end up with more fuel consumptions even in lower speeds, so Vista Aura Quadra have overall mileage much lesser than Swift in practical, but if you maintain the tachometer to 1500 RPM, it should help the fuel economy but yes the turbo lag feel is very less in Vista compared to peppy pickup of Swift which makes Vista good for smooth and controlled accelerations, so I think buying Tata Indica Vista Aura Quadra is the best option.

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