Thursday, March 31, 2011

Car Trip to Uttaranchal - Driving in Binsar, Rafting in Mori and McLeodganj

After several days, today I have got some time to share my car trip to Uttaranchal State of India. Uttaranchal is a beautiful state and is full of greenery, magnificent hills, and roaring waters. Uttaranchal has also been a natural habitat for various birds and wild animals. This State of India consists of several peaceful vacation destinations that are totally different from the most popular and overcrowded vacation destinations like Shimla and Mussoorie where not only living is difficult due to overcrowding you are not able to drive comfortably. Moreover, the toxins and waste material has made these hill stations useless for people who love nature.

Nonetheless, now I will take you to a long ride of visiting some beautiful small villages where you will feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy each and every moment with Mother Nature. These places are Mori, Binsar, McLeodganj, Thanedar, Lansdowne, and Almora.

All above mentioned places are in Uttaranchal State but some have different driving directions and some are interconnected if you can increase your days of travel.

Mori in Uttranchal: A beautiful place to be visited for adventure activities like camping, river rafting, trekking, hiking, etc. Again it is best to visit this place by car if you want to enjoy the beautiful views of nature on your trip. To make it easy, I have listed down all the details in this article:

Mori in Uttaranchal - Best River Rafting Camping Destination near Delhi

including official information of Mori, history of Mori, places of interest, driving directions with map, travel expenses like cost of food and hotels plus the most important traveling cost, petrol and diesel expenses so you can make your budget properly.

Binsar and Almora: Driving in Binsar and Almora is the most pleasurable activity as you will love these places for their uniqueness and natural treasures. Vis this link:

Perfect Vacation Itinerary to Binsar and Almora

You will able to get all the details on how to reach these places including driving directions and map.

McLeodganj: As the name suggests its name has been kept on some British officer at the time of British Rule in India. This place is a totally peaceful vacation destination with loads of beautiful nearby places to cover. I have also created a separate article for this destination to make it really useful for you and included all the things like travel expenses, driving directions, map, and photographs so that you can chill out and have fun:

Mcleodganj – Best Weekend Destination near Delhi

Now go ahead and make your car travel itinerary sharing this info with your friends, family, and relatives and planning your car trip to Uttaranchal on the weekend.