Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Honda CBR like Swift Diesel and Ninja like Verna Car

Apart from the figures where CBR has more torque, it also has a longer stroke engine which gives it an edge in city where you can keep purring the engine in a higher gear at same speeds whereas in Ninja, one will have to downshift. In fact, if I want to give you a layman’s example, Ninja is like Hyundai Verna diesel, fast, furious but only on highways where it has roads to stretch legs and CBR is like Swift diesel which is almost equally quick but much better in city to drive as it does not require constant downshifting. Those who have driven Hyundai Verna and Swift will understand what I mean. Hyundai has very limited range, just find open road, point and shoot, but in city, it keeps asking for downshifting as the power band is very narrow whereas Swift has a wider band.

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