Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girls Love Bikes - Honda CBR250R And Ninja 250R

According to experience shared by a few college going friends on Facebook, girls do like guys on bikes, but the guy must have at least some personality to make the girl look at him also; otherwise, the girl will look only at the bike and not the guy. Another college guy said that, “There is a guy in my college who has a hot blue Honda CBR250R, but no girl evens knows how his face looks like because everybody is busy drooling at his bike when it goes past. My friend said that his girlfriend advised him to make friends with him so that they both could take his bike for a ride. See that is what you can find in a girl’s mind. Of course, girls love bikes but they want to ride it with the guy they like.”

Now read this interesting bike girl love war story:

Buying Best Bike to Attract Girls in College - Ninja 250R or Honda CBR250R