Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Benefits of Anti Lock Braking System: ABS

Everyone must have anti-lock braking system in their vehicles, be it a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. Due to worldwide success of ABS, Honda and TVS are the first companies in India that are offering ABS in bikes. Actually, ABS was to debut first on Honda CBR250R but as the launch got delayed due to a tsunami in Japan, TVS launched this feature on Apache 180 RTR. However, the ABS on Honda is much more sophisticated and premium as it also has CBS which is called as combined braking system.

ABS is also really helpful in tricky situations like corner braking. If you apply hard brakes in a corner at high speeds, 99% chances are that you will lose balance and the car will skid and will topple over whereas in an ABS car, even after braking too hard, the car will not lose direction and will be much stable.

Just like electronic brakeforce distribution, engine braking, and 2WD, ABS or anti-lock braking system comes under car safety technology.

ABS is the most integral part of 21st Century Cars. This is helpful when another car is so close that it is not possible to avoid collision. ABS gives you double benefits, you not only slow down shorter with ABS, but you can also avoid the collision by steering away from another car. ABS cars stop shorter on uneven, muddy, and slippery terrains.

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