Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Honda Brio Car Review

Friends, Honda, world’s best automotive manufacturing company, had released its brilliant, much talked about small car in Thailand, in the name of BRIO (means Funny Small Car) just a few months back. At 3.6 meter length, it easily qualifies Indian norms for a small car and hence is expected to be competitively priced and I expect it to start from 4.75 lakhs (serious threat for Maruti Swift, Ford Figo, and Volkswagen Polo in this case). Though it is just 3.6 meters long, don’t make a mistake of thinking it as a cramped small car as Honda is famous for making full use of all the room available and space will be at par with the class leader Figo. The engine is Thailand variant which is the same 1.2 liter unit doing successful duty in the Honda Jazz but in India, speculations are that Honda will chop off one cylinder from this unit (900 cc ) to make it even more fuel efficient and yet quite powerful for its class. The 1.2  liter mill pumps out 90 bhp which is the highest in class so even after chopping off one cylinder, we can expect around 70+ bhp which is more enough for this small hatch and this move will give it class leading fuel efficiency. (Honda Jazz is already most fuel efficient in all 1.2 liter capacity engines).

Below you can see a few pics of New Honda Brio’s Interiors and Exterior. This car breaks few new grounds in styling and designing area. There is no rear tailgate, in place of it, the window glass completely acts as the tailgate and opens like hatch. As Honda has maximized the interior space of Jazz which is the most spacious hatch by far in any class, expect the same treatment with New Honda Brio and it is expected to be among the most, if not the most, spacious hatches in its class. The cherry on the cake is that expected launch price of this car's base model is approximately 4.75 lakhs which is quite competitive considering it is a Honda which is a premium brand. Now have a look at pics of Honda Brio.

 New Honda Brio - Compact - Spacious - Dynamic- Best Brand - Value for money - Tough competitor - Best in class and fuel economy
Look at the 3 quarter view. It really lives up to its name BRIO (Funky Small Car). The front seats have fixed headrests as is the norm in today's cars like Hyundai i10 and have quite supportive cushioning.
New Honda Brio Interiors
Source: Honda Brio's Official Website
The music system has been straight way lifted from Honda City and the steering wheel is quite meaty and I feel it will be great to grip. Note, the automatic transmission which I hope Honda gives to Indians too. Glass holders are of full size. Sadly, no climate control.
New Honda City Interiors - Steering wheel - good grip - music system - Honda City
Source: Honda Brio's Website Thailand Version
The rear 3 quarter look is quite futuristic (my view) and note that the window glass acts as the tailgate too interesting. Wheel size is quite good and hope Honda retains the size for India as well.
New Honda Brio Exteriors - Side view
Source: New Honda Brio Site
Improved view from the rear as how the window glass also acts as a tailgate. Boot space also seems to be good.

Regarding styling, it is a very personal subject on which everyone has his/her own views and like/dislikes. There are many vehicles which did not click on looks front much but still became segment leaders in their class as the products were brilliant. Last generation Honda City or Santro are the classic examples where people initially did not like their looks but because of the quality, these products outsold all others in their segment.

Honda Brio Rear - Tailgate
Source: Honda Brio Site
And we must not forget that it’s Honda, which is among the most aspired for brand in India. People tend to forget the looks if the badge in the hood says it’s a Honda. When you get the feeling of owning a premium brand like Honda for Swift money, generally people forget and forgive the looks even if the vehicle is not up to everyone’s taste.

It may look compact by outer dimensions but as you must be aware, Honda is known for making best use of available space and it will be as spacious as the premium competition. In fact it is more spacious than Swift, Polo, and competes with Figo for space.

Check out this latest video of Honda Brio

Interiors are among the best in class and fit and finish is top grade as expected by Honda brand name. Stereo is from New Honda City. Hope it has steering mounted controls on the top variant. Air conditioning though is sadly manual in place of climate control.

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