Thursday, November 11, 2010

Planning to buy a car within 5 to 7 lakhs range - resale value

Hi Soni,

I have gone through your blogs on different cars and i'm really impressed. I'm an software employee in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh and I am planning to buy a car within 5 to 7 lakhs range. I like Punto but by dad is not encouraging on this just because of its resale value. Now, i need to think about Swif, Ritz, i20, Fabia, Polo,
Figo. Please suggest me on this. Your suggestion is very useful for me.

I look forward to hear from you!!!

Best Regards

Santosh Kumar Konathala
Answer: Your dad is right regarding resale value of Punto, even Polo, Figo,
and Fabia remain in this category as they are newcomers in this price
range and do not have as good resale value as Swift and Ritz. Hyundai
cars like i20 though have less resale value than Maruti cars but still
can be of a good choice. I would suggest you to buy Swift or Ritz or
i20 if resale value is on your mind. For more specifications, you can
go through my blogs with comparisons on various economical Indian