Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buying a used 4x4

Tata Safari as a used 4x4 SUV rocks. My uncle’s Safari has done 40000 km in 2 years and it hasn't given him any major problem. He just had to change the battery, which is normal. He also had to change the AC condenser fan, as it got short and spent Rs 3000 to get it fixed. The best tires for Tata Safari are Brigestone Dueler which last approximately 50000 km under normal driving conditions, so look at the odometer reading and match that with the tires. It should give you a fair idea if the odometer has been worked on.

Read some tips to check used Tata Safari so that you don't fall prey to a useless used 4x4 for sale:

Buying Used 4x4 in India: Things To Check Before Buying Used Tata Safari