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Indigo diesel not for private use, ideal for taxis

After reading and going through various mixed reviews about Indigo diesel, it has been found that most customers are dissatisfied with this car. Here is one more review for you. I am using TATA Indigo LX for nearly two years, but I am very much disappointed with its performance, quality, and services. The worst thing happened to me was that its gear box collapsed in first 10,000 KM and was replaced. If you are looking for a quality car, then a big no to Tata Indigo, but there are a few things to be really appreciated first. Its mileage is really good and I am getting an average of 12-13 kmpl in Mumbai City and 17‑18 kmpl in highways with AC on. Second, the space inside is really good, very spacious. Suspension is good.

Coming to negatives, the car really lacks in power and it will be horrible in low RPM. The clutch is really bad and very tight and I used to have leg pain if I drive for more than 2 to 3 hours in city. The engine really lacks refinement. The parts are very cheap quality. The servicing is horrible, I tried Tata Motors in Delhi and everywhere it is really pathetic, so it is my opinion that Indigo diesel is not meant for private use and is ideal for taxis.

Buying Indigo Diesel Is Economical

Buying indigo diesel is economical but the quality is not up to the mark. My various friends have more than 5 years of experience with Tata Indigo and I can point out some faults first of all with the engine performance, mileage is superb, but pickup is below average, city riding will not be very comfortable but in highway it is smooth and excellent as like other diesel cars.

Gear shifting is not good and sound is very high, suspension is not good, but the new indigo is nice to see and super performance all the above complaints have been solved by the Tata engineers so what you are waiting for go for the new indigo which is economical.

Indigo Petrol Rocks – Positive Review

One of my office colleagues bought a new Tata Indigo and has been using an Indigo Petrol (GLS) for more than 2 years now and has had no issues till now. In Delhi city, it gives him 10 to 11 kmpl with A/C on. On the highway, he gets 17 kmpl with A/C. If you are looking for a smooth pickup and a comfortable drive, go for the petrol version. I think one easy formula to decide whether you want to buy diesel or petrol is to think of the average running of your car per day. The showroom salesperson told him that if your daily running is less than 25 to 30 kilometers, you should not go for the diesel variant plus Tata Motors has bettered their petrol engine after getting the 32 bit MPFI engine. It's a much smoother drive.

Two areas of improvement:

1. Gear is not as smooth as a Maruti car.

2. The plastic parts in the car (door handle, arm rest, petrol/boot opening levers etc) can be much better

But it's the best value for money and incredibly spacious and therefore a positive review for Indigo Petrol from my side but I am not sure about Indigo Diesel as there are a lot of complaints about it.

Tata Indigo Review Poor Service Hard Clutch

My friend owns an Indigo from past 14 months. He says car is definitely value for money, but it comes with its own problems.

Service quality is very poor if you are used for any other service quality like Maruti.

The car lacks perfection. (TDI doesn't work that effectively as it used to work in the initial days).

Clutch becomes hard, two of my friends also own an Indigo and they also faced this clutch hardness. We have replaced that with a new one for all of us now, but still it has become hard again.

I would advice you to please hold on your buy because a lot of new cars have entered the market this year and Indigo has also been launched in 1.6 L version which is an engine from FIAT.

Swift Diesel is also another best option.

Service is one thing you should review before you buy a car because it is only with good service that you can really enjoy the life and luxury of a car.

All Tata service stations are very crowded because of their MUV and taxi segment deep penetration.

Yes definitely this is the state in Delhi service stations, just check at your place as to how good the service is, and then decide on buying a new car with your hard earned money.

Indigo Car Complaint

Indigo car has some refinement issues. My friend had to take it initially sometimes to get this nagging issues sorted out. They did it pretty fast without charging him anything for that. Some of the problems he has faced are:

1.    Water leaking onto the mats while A/C is on
2.    Some body parts creating rubbing sounds
3.    A/C idler went bust after 3 years
4.    Due to the vibration, the diesel pump clamp had broken off
5.    Bearing was damaged after only 3 years

The last one was because they had not put grease during the service. You cannot believe them, you will have to be a bit wary. This I think is the case with all car dealers - not just Tata. When you take for a service, they will come up with all nonsense repairs to be done. It will be around 2000 on an average for the service, even if it is free service. Talk to them in detail about the work you want them to do, when you take the car for service; otherwise, they will milk you.

Buying Diesel Car in 7 lakhs budget

If you have a budget of 7 Lakh plus, go for Accent CRDI, but if you want value for money, then definitely Indigo car is the best choice. You cannot compare it with a petrol car. Diesel cars always have a bit more vibrations and less pickup than a petrol car, but diesel is Rs. 10 cheaper than petrol and also Tata are in diesel engine manufacturing for the past 50 years so you can trust the engine quality. Also as it is completely an Indian car, its spare parts are very cheap as compared to Hyundai Accent spares because they are all imported and another important thing, the mileage is excellent 20+ on highways and 15+ in city more than any petrol car.

Buying Brand New Car - Cash Offer Tips

When you go to any showroom to buy a brand new car and ask for the price, ask for some offers or some dealer discount. If they don’t give you any offer on their own or refuse straight away, then tell them that your will buy the car from another showroom. When you will do this, then they will give you some extra offers like Rs.25000/- discount, remote locking, company fitted music system, etc. When I bought a car in August 2010, I got the cash offer from the showroom and other free accessories from the showroom.

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If they give you some offer, then also tell them that in other showroom they are giving more offer and you will buy a car from them. Then they will give some additional offers to you. No problem if it is not a cash offer, you can get more things because this is the way I got some offers when I bought my car, such as free insurance, road tax, registration, remote locking, and Rs.30000/- discount. Don’t leave them and ask for the accessories. Best of luck for your purchase of brand new car

Indigo Car Engine failed 3 TIMES in 2 years,

I would suggest try other cars in this segment as Indigo’s performance is not comparable with even smaller cars. The car is stable at higher speeds and may run well but the performance is not at all up to the mark. The after sales service is even worse. The noise is higher.

The car was selling before Swift Diesel only because of no serious competition in diesel in this price range but I feel other costlier options are definitely better. You can try Fiesta, Accent, Aveo, and Verna.

1998 Corvette Pace Car (OEM)
My friend bought his car Indigo LS in July 2004. Since then, his car has spent more than 45 days in the workshops of Tata Motors. The engine has failed three times since then. All the three times, he had to get the car towed for many kilometers. He has written more than fifty emails to Tata Motors who have no idea why the engine is failing again and again. Last time, they got it repaired locally at their dealer's workshop. The car was there for more than 8 days but they are not telling why it was there and what they did with it. May be they do not want to admit what went wrong. Due to frequent failures of the car, I had to purchase another car to take care of my family needs.

Even writing to their Esteemed Chairman has not produced any results. The emissions are not meeting pollution norms. My friend is left with no other option but to approach consumer courts. Anyone wanting details of the correspondence can write to my friend at He would be pleased to send you all the copy of the complete correspondence.

He previously bought cars from Maruti and Hyundai and never needed to interact with them as he never faced any problems with their cars.

I feel this is the reason that Tata Motors is never in the race of having higher percentage of satisfied customers. The customer support is as good as dead. If the customer is lucky to have no faults, then fine; otherwise, he is left in the midstream or in nowhere. Probably you all might be aware how Tata Motors recently had to pay compensation of around Rs. 7 lakhs to one of its customers. I would be glad to share the copy of that newspaper cutting with you.

Buying Second Hand Gypsy - Vintage Vehicle

Question: I am planning to buy a second hand gypsy. How to judge the vehicle? If any body is interested to sell gypsy, please let me know. (Delhi registration preferably, other south Indian vehicles will do) and what are the procedures for buying cars from other states.

Answers: Just look out for these things

· Dashboard clamps and window locks, window hinges, dashboard strips. These are things, which are cheap, but you would not get as gypsy is no more available in the market and as are some of its parts.

· Check oil and oil switch since Gypsy is harsh used you can have a lot of problems with costs.

· Wiper motor assembly is generally not working in many old gypsies. It's very expensive and hard to source, so please check it.

· If you are buying a gypsy before rains, check the gutter system is intact or not else you will end up facing lots of problems.

· Brakes and clutch and 4x4 transfer case if have some problems can be easily fixed.

· Check for noises in water pump for timing belt.

· Check the door biddings if they are totally damaged so check if new ones are available.

· Tin work is generally a issue with gypsies, buy only if its is around door sides and not beneath.

· See if the chassis is increased or altered as some people do. Steer away from those vehicles.

Remember the above points as whatever gypsy you buy, it will be costing on a higher side for its credentials, as it's a vintage vehicle.

Best of luck.

For more info on buying used cars, visit this link:

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car In India

Tip #1: Engine Condition

Tip #2: Mileage

Tip #3: Accidental History

Tip #4: Past claims from insurance company

Tip #5: Let car mechanic test the used car for sale

Tip #6: Check records from local R.T.O like RC, road tax paid, etc.

Tip #7: Visible scratches, dents, and cracks

Here are some of the best makes of second hand cars in India (more durable)

· Toyota, Honda (known for quality)
· Maruti (cheap and good for small family)
· Ambassador (cheap to maintain; every mechanic knows about this car)
· Qualis - for groups and tour operators
· Mahindra Scorpio - Cheap but not so reliable
· Tata - Old models had many problems Fiat, Ford - Quality issues in general

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Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car