Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why should I buy Chevrolet Beat? Review

Question:  I have five Options. What To Choose from them? No Other Car!

·    Chevrolet Beat 1.2l LT (Option Pack)
·    Hyundai i20 1.2l Asta
·    Tata Indica Vista Saffire Aura+ 1.2l
·    Volkswagen Polo 1.2l TSI (Highline)
·    Ford Figo 1.2l TSI Platinum

The main thing is that my dad is willing to have only few important things to consider while making the decision:
1) Fuel Efficient (Most Important) with compliance to BS-IV Norms (No Lesser Than This)
2) Total Cost should be under 5 Lakhs (Maximum 6 Lakhs)
3) Long Term Ownership (Meaning this will be the only replacement after our beloved Fiat Padmini 1100 Deluxe BE dies out after 2010 in which I am learning how to drive!)
4) And Silly Thing - Only Hatch!!! (Due to parking woes in the capital).

After rave reviews and hell lot of R&D daily with websites, car magazines, friends and many more, I have limited myself to BEAT, Vista A+ & Figo!

I am in love at first sight with Hyundai i20, but Asta is crossing 6 lakh mark and budget has rose that even more! VW Polo demo cars have arrived from 10th of March but it might also become over budget for me to purchase, lets wait & watch!

Taking these facts into consideration please tell me what to select, but I forgot to tell one thing! Indica Vista Aura+ Engine are BS - III Compliant so again my dad will reject the car. So only two choices left:

Beat & Figo.

But the twist is that a lot of rave reviews has said that they are unsure of the Figo's Petrol variant and its also 10 ps less than Beat too! One thing to say that I want green color as the paint of the car, which is present, both in FIGO & BEAT!

Ultimately it's the Chevrolet BEAT!!! which is left. So Everyone common what you all think about this? Should I go with the BEAT or i20 or Figo!

An Expert Opinion Is Required! All BEAT owners please reply back since mileage is important in whole decision, please suggest which car to go for?

Answer: If its going to be a long term ownership like your Fiat Padmini, you can wait for Polo, it comes with a 6 years anti corrosion warranty, which means the body should be well built with top class quality materials. Its has five star EURO NCAP safety rating. Figo is specifically made for economy conscious markets like India. Both Figo and polo misses on automatic climate control on top end variants. Beat is high on equipment level, you will have almost all features that you imagine. i10 has an extremely refined engine and super slick gear box with short throws.

I hope you have only petrol options in mind. If then, go for Beat or Ritz (though it is not in your list). I am a beat owner and I previously had the following cars in mind:

·    Skoda Fabia 1.2
·    Beat 1.2
·    Ritz 1.2
·    I20 1.2
·    Figo 1.2
·    Polo 1.2

My preferences were VFM, mileage and minimum cost of ownership, so immediately I crossed Polo, Figo and Fabia. This is because like WW, Ford & Skoda provide premium cars, so does they charge for service and parts. Just an example: a small crash with my relatives Ford Fusion resulted in shedding 1 Lakh INR, for Headlight (1 side) was around Rs12000. Similar is the case with my uncle's Icon. One of my friend have a Fabia and he says it is a good car until his dad's rich! WW & Skoda has very poor service network and their bills are not affordable to common people (many parts are still imported and not made here), so now I have Beat, Ritz & I20 in my option. Beat starts from 3.36 lakhs onwards. Why should I go for an underpowered and costly I20 (I can almost buy 2 Beats for that price or an ugly but otherwise good Ritz? So I finally ended up in Beat, a true VFM. I am getting a mileage of 18 kmpl on highways and 15 in heavy city traffic (both without AC) till now. Today is my car's first service and it clocked 1300 km in odo. Oil change is on 15000 kms so there are no charges for my first service. The only problem I faced is the noisy rear suspension in bad roads and potholes. When I asked the service guy, he said Chevrolet has rectified the sound with new suspension bushes. They didn't receive the replacement bushes from the company and will correct it once they are on stock under warranty. You said your dad is conscious about mileage. Ask him about cost of ownership too. Beat & Ritz have the minimum cost of ownership in its class. Your decision is final man