Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Xylo vs Scorpio - My Two Cents

Question:  Tell me which vehicle Xylo or Scorpio is more comfort. I don't want the style matter, especially which one have much legroom in the third row seating. Is Xylo reliable like Scorpio? Can we drive Xylo in rough roads often? You might have played with both Xylo and Scorpio. Please share your suggestions.

My Two Cents:  First and foremost they both are two different machines from two different segments, one is an SUV and the other is a mini van. I have a Scorpio and have test driven the Xylo. The scorpio has a lot of body roll which is very well controlled in the Xylo. There is still noticeable body roll though. The Scorpio has better pick and acceleration compared to the Meagle engine on the Xlyo, but it is not bad, it pulls well, has a slight noticeable turbo lag, but in the right power, it really moves well.

Now coming to the leg room, it has loads of space in the form of leg room as compared to the Mahindra Scorpio, the third row even beats the Toyota Innova in legroom. Then, there are so many bells and whistles that are offered for the price and a lot of nick naks spread all over the car. I think the Xylo is also more mileage oriented. Xylo is a better tourer than the Scorpio any day. Go for it if you want comfort and don't want to be tossed around, but again here the Mhawk has a lot of suspension issue sorted out, so it is not as bad as the CRDE that I have.

If you want road presence, command of view, and the butch look with SUV owner tag then Scorpio. Value for money Xylo every rupee of it. Now all you need to do is a test drive of Xylo and Scorpio and decide for yourself.

Bought New Swift - Now Upgrade It

An important point is whatever you are buying, you should think of following upgrade:

1. Lights: factory fitted 55w light is insufficient and very poor. You have to upgrade to Philips rally 90/100 which requires an additional wiring. Total cost is 1000. There are some lights like Osram night breaker and one Philips mode which claim to provide more light without the need of any realy or wiring. It costs around 1200.

2. Horn: It is very soft and nobody moves. You should put Skoda horn (Made by hella) 700rs.

3. Steering wheel grip is not good. Good one cost 450 INR.

4. Tyre : Factory fitted tyres and not suited for high speed driving. You should upgrade to at least 185/70 (Michelin energy xm1)

5. Sunfilm. The best sunfilm V-Kool costs around 5.5k

Unbiased Review of Maruti Swift VXI or VDI