Friday, November 12, 2010

New Car Launch in India 2011 - New Linea Vento Focus Etios Cars

Fiat is thinking about updating its new Linea and launching a more powerful 1.6 JTD diesel, same like it has launched the more powerful petrol recently. They are also thinking about changing their vendors which they share with Tata Motors as of now in a bid to improve the quality of fit and finish, so if this happens, Linea may be a strong contender again.

VW Vento is sure to create storm in this market if priced sensibly and going by Polo’s pricing, it may do it.

Ford is also working on Ford Focus which may make it to India but that is not soon enough so out of picture, it will be past 2012 most probably before it happens.

Toyota Etios is coming and though it’s a Toyota, I doubt its succeeding much against Honda due to its conventional looks. Aggressive pricing may work wonders though, so with new car launches in India, 2011 is going to be a great year for us as an Indian car customer. I only pray that Honda develop its small diesel engine soon for Honda City and other smaller cars.

Buying a car 10 lacs budget

Question: Okay, now the 2 main cars in my mind have been Maruti SX4 and Honda City. Ford Fiesta is a good car but then if the car was to be bought 2 years ago when it was launched, I would have thought about it but now it needs up gradation and also lacks snob value which would be there with Honda City and between the trials of all the cars were taken before I posted it here. As for Hyundai Verna I did not bother to ask as the person, my relative, who has to drive the car frankly did not like Hyundai cars at all.

Main advantage was with SX4 due to the height that the driver is asking for. Power is not an issue. Skoda Octavia is a good car and solid built but will not advise after hearing about the different reviews from the owners. Between there is a new VW coming, I don’t remember the name could be the Venta. It will be costing the same amount and will be an extension of the Polo which is sold in India but with a bigger engine of 1.6 L I guess.

Answer: It is called VW Vento. It will come equipped with 1.6 petrol and diesel so hopefully will not bag for power like the Polo does. It is a option worth waiting for, but in the current list, my pick will be Honda City. If your relative is not in a hurry, then it will be good to wait for the Volkswagen Vento.

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Buying a Car in Rs 10 Lakhs Budget - Compare Honda City vs Fiesta vs Verna vs Octavia vs SX4 Cars

While suggesting a car, it should be based on practical and logical facts. If you say that Fiesta or Verna are really good, it is understandable, but when you say that simply buy it without a comparison with any other contender, just because you bought it doesn’t make sense If you feel Ford Fiesta or Hyundai Verna are the best options, then put a few points in favor of then. Like does Verna has better space than other contenders? Has it better performance or looks or resale value or road presence or dynamics or stability or spare parts or whatever just because a car has little higher number of service centers doesn’t make it a better car. Honda doesn’t need thousands of service centers. Till date Honda has not experienced a stranded car due to mechanical failure, it says a lot about Honda quality. If you say that its 1 lakh cheaper than Honda, then you should also keep in mind that for that 1 lakh extra which you pay for Honda City, you get extra space (City is more roomy than Fiesta), more powerful engine (118 bhp vs 102), equally excellent handling, a better resale value (no one can deny that the City rules in resale value), a better brand image (Honda has the strongest image in India as per JD power survey) better fuel efficiency (it has better FE than the equivalent Petrol Fiesta) and same levels of safety (it has all and bells and whistles) and spare part wise too, if you claim that its 25% cheaper than Honda, can you put prices of some parts here compared to Honda which are 25% cheaper? Does any one know that the paid service cost of Honda City is among the cheapest in the business?

In same way if you says buy Verna because it rocks, then please throw some light on it why it rocks? Someone says that as the driving is not much, diesel is not required, so CRDi is out of picture. Now compare petrol Verna with others. Verna has the least impressive handling in its class. It rolls a lot and dynamics are not there up to the mark comparable to Fiesta or City or even SX4. It has 103 bhp on paper but its takes the max time to reach 0-100 kmph. Fuel efficiency is nothing to write home about. City rules here too. Its not the most spacious or comfortable. That crown again goes to Honda City. It does not enjoy the best resale value (diesel not included). It competes in spares as spare parts are at par with city and some are cheaper too. No doubt, but it does not enjoy a strong brand image as Honda or Skoda have. Safety wise, Honda City has a better built cabin and also has Airbags standard across the range which Hyundai Verna doesn’t have even as an option. I don’t give a biased favor to City here as I also said that an Octavia is a worthy option and even better in some cases. Fiesta and Verna are also great cars but as an overall package, they don’t match up to the level of Honda.

If you disagree, then please put the figures and facts here. I would love to compare cars.

Buying a Car in Rs 10 Lakhs Budget - Compare Honda City Fiesta Indigo Logan Optra Octavia SX4 Cars

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Planning to buy a car within 5 to 7 lakhs range - resale value

Hi Soni,

I have gone through your blogs on different cars and i'm really impressed. I'm an software employee in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh and I am planning to buy a car within 5 to 7 lakhs range. I like Punto but by dad is not encouraging on this just because of its resale value. Now, i need to think about Swif, Ritz, i20, Fabia, Polo,
Figo. Please suggest me on this. Your suggestion is very useful for me.

I look forward to hear from you!!!

Best Regards

Santosh Kumar Konathala
Answer: Your dad is right regarding resale value of Punto, even Polo, Figo,
and Fabia remain in this category as they are newcomers in this price
range and do not have as good resale value as Swift and Ritz. Hyundai
cars like i20 though have less resale value than Maruti cars but still
can be of a good choice. I would suggest you to buy Swift or Ritz or
i20 if resale value is on your mind. For more specifications, you can
go through my blogs with comparisons on various economical Indian