Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indigo diesel not for private use, ideal for taxis

After reading and going through various mixed reviews about Indigo diesel, it has been found that most customers are dissatisfied with this car. Here is one more review for you. I am using TATA Indigo LX for nearly two years, but I am very much disappointed with its performance, quality, and services. The worst thing happened to me was that its gear box collapsed in first 10,000 KM and was replaced. If you are looking for a quality car, then a big no to Tata Indigo, but there are a few things to be really appreciated first. Its mileage is really good and I am getting an average of 12-13 kmpl in Mumbai City and 17‑18 kmpl in highways with AC on. Second, the space inside is really good, very spacious. Suspension is good.

Coming to negatives, the car really lacks in power and it will be horrible in low RPM. The clutch is really bad and very tight and I used to have leg pain if I drive for more than 2 to 3 hours in city. The engine really lacks refinement. The parts are very cheap quality. The servicing is horrible, I tried Tata Motors in Delhi and everywhere it is really pathetic, so it is my opinion that Indigo diesel is not meant for private use and is ideal for taxis.

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