Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indigo Car Engine failed 3 TIMES in 2 years,

I would suggest try other cars in this segment as Indigo’s performance is not comparable with even smaller cars. The car is stable at higher speeds and may run well but the performance is not at all up to the mark. The after sales service is even worse. The noise is higher.

The car was selling before Swift Diesel only because of no serious competition in diesel in this price range but I feel other costlier options are definitely better. You can try Fiesta, Accent, Aveo, and Verna.

1998 Corvette Pace Car (OEM)
My friend bought his car Indigo LS in July 2004. Since then, his car has spent more than 45 days in the workshops of Tata Motors. The engine has failed three times since then. All the three times, he had to get the car towed for many kilometers. He has written more than fifty emails to Tata Motors who have no idea why the engine is failing again and again. Last time, they got it repaired locally at their dealer's workshop. The car was there for more than 8 days but they are not telling why it was there and what they did with it. May be they do not want to admit what went wrong. Due to frequent failures of the car, I had to purchase another car to take care of my family needs.

Even writing to their Esteemed Chairman has not produced any results. The emissions are not meeting pollution norms. My friend is left with no other option but to approach consumer courts. Anyone wanting details of the correspondence can write to my friend at He would be pleased to send you all the copy of the complete correspondence.

He previously bought cars from Maruti and Hyundai and never needed to interact with them as he never faced any problems with their cars.

I feel this is the reason that Tata Motors is never in the race of having higher percentage of satisfied customers. The customer support is as good as dead. If the customer is lucky to have no faults, then fine; otherwise, he is left in the midstream or in nowhere. Probably you all might be aware how Tata Motors recently had to pay compensation of around Rs. 7 lakhs to one of its customers. I would be glad to share the copy of that newspaper cutting with you.

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