Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buying Second Hand Gypsy - Vintage Vehicle

Question: I am planning to buy a second hand gypsy. How to judge the vehicle? If any body is interested to sell gypsy, please let me know. (Delhi registration preferably, other south Indian vehicles will do) and what are the procedures for buying cars from other states.

Answers: Just look out for these things

· Dashboard clamps and window locks, window hinges, dashboard strips. These are things, which are cheap, but you would not get as gypsy is no more available in the market and as are some of its parts.

· Check oil and oil switch since Gypsy is harsh used you can have a lot of problems with costs.

· Wiper motor assembly is generally not working in many old gypsies. It's very expensive and hard to source, so please check it.

· If you are buying a gypsy before rains, check the gutter system is intact or not else you will end up facing lots of problems.

· Brakes and clutch and 4x4 transfer case if have some problems can be easily fixed.

· Check for noises in water pump for timing belt.

· Check the door biddings if they are totally damaged so check if new ones are available.

· Tin work is generally a issue with gypsies, buy only if its is around door sides and not beneath.

· See if the chassis is increased or altered as some people do. Steer away from those vehicles.

Remember the above points as whatever gypsy you buy, it will be costing on a higher side for its credentials, as it's a vintage vehicle.

Best of luck.

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