Monday, May 17, 2010

CNG in Honda City - Pickup and Performance Troubles

My hubby has got CNG in Honda City just a month back and he is really fed up as it gives a lot of troubles and he has decided to remove it now!

If your hubby is having problems with CNG, then the problems can be reduced pickup and performance and sometimes the car might not accelerate properly, so I recommend you to read this first to improve pickup and performance of your car on CNG.

Also an important thing about Pick up on CNG:

Pick up on CNG without AC is equal to pick up on petrol with AC so if you want fuel efficiency and you are a long distance rider like doing 1000 km per month in Delhi/NCR than keep on with CNG but if you run your car short distances like up to 500 km, do not go for that as it will decrease the resale value after running for five yearsAlso do not buy the Chinese kits. Get a govt approved CNG kit from an authorized dealer.

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Sanjiv said...

Read your blog regarding Honda City CNG. I own the new Honda City Ivtec 2010 model, and want to convert it to CNG. Can you please recommend the approximate cost involved and govt approved dealer in Delhi esp. Dwarka?