Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swift Petrol or Diesel - Who Wins the Race

If there is a race between Swift Petrol and Swift Diesel, then a petrol car will only win in the race track or a drift because it has higher RPM ranges but it takes time to reach there. In city roads Swift Diesel is a clear winner. If you need power, go with Swift VDI.

A petrol car like Swift does not take more time to reach speeds. That’s only case if you consider same gear acceleration. Otherwise, it reaches 100 km/Hr a good 2 sec before diesel car. and on the quarter mile, the difference gets higher, so Swift VDI would not  be able to beat Swift VXI if both start from rest. Power would not be the right term I guess because theoretically it is the Swift VXI Petrol that has more HPs and HPs are the units for power. Yeah, if we substitute that with pulling power, well yes Swift VDi Diesel has more pulling power (i.e. torque) which is not exactly the same as power because you can vary the useful torque of an engine with gearing but the thing that remains constant is HP and that is what called as real power of a car.

One more point someone said, “VDI has higher torque and even though both use the same brake, braking distance will be a little more in VDI."

No, I don’t think torque has to do anything with braking because when you apply brakes, you are not accelerating. and the engine is not producing torque or rather transferring that torque on to the wheels because you either let go on the pedal or press the clutch. In either case, no torque is being transferred to the wheels.

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Ross Taylor said...

Interesting article. If the race between swift diesel and swift petrol then without a doubt petrol swift will win. Petrol vehicles are always faster than diesel vehicles. Diesel fuel generates more energy but less torque, hence speed will be less in diesel cars. Petrol version has a better torque and speeding, so petrol vehicles will go faster. Industry Analysis Report