Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fastest Car - Diesel vs Petrol

Winning a race does not depend on the car alone but on the driving skills too. I never said petrol would win against diesel in city. In fact I wrote that in the city most of the time, the diesel would win. But city driving does depends a lot on individuals driving skills. Forget beating diesel with petrol, I may not be able to win if you were on the petrol and I on the diesel. It depends on the driving skills. But yes within the operating range in the city, diesel does pack in more power than the petrol. On the point of being a fastest car, I just say petrol would reach 100 km/hr faster from rest. On braking, well I am still not very sure but I would probably go by what is mentioned in the previous blog post. Braking distance does depend on the momentum of the moving body and diesel being a heavier car would have more momentum at a particular speed than the petrol.

I am not good at very fast driving but what I am trying to say is when you drive both, you feel the huge difference. I tried to be unbiased when I wrote about the difference but not sure I was really unbiased or not. Not sure if you have test driven Swift Diesel. If not, just try it once and let me know the experience. Petrol or Diesel, Swift Rocks.

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