Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diesel Car Maintenance Tips

Question:  Would like to know after how many kilometers, it is advisable to replace the following items, engine oil, oil filter, diesel filter, coolant, steering oil, and brake oil? Also there may be few things that I may have missed out, which I would like to know.

Answer: Best place to look for this information is the owner's manual, as it has periodic maintenance listed in a table with approximate kilometers required for a change in consumables. Regarding engine oil, I change engine oil at every 5K kms and diesel filter at 20K kms.

Question: Do you need to change coolant, steering oil, and brake oil periodically unless there is a problem or do you need to bleed the old one, fill in new? Actually I need to change my coolant frequently within a span of 3 months. Is it okay?

Answer: There is something wrong with your car. get your radiator, fan and hose checked. The coolant level dips very sharply and hence top it with plain water, but ultimately within a span of 3 months only water remains, hence, you need to fill the coolant again and no top up after 3 months.


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