Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bolero GLX - 2000 Model Coolant Problem

Question:  I own a Bolero GLX - 2000 model, has run 70k kms till date. I having no problem at all, free sailing, and the only thing is it drinks too much of coolant. What can I do about this?

Answer:  Now you are in a state where the engine needs to be a cared a bit more then what you have been doing before. You absolutely HAVE TO change the oil and other fluids working directly on the engine once in 5k kms, especially be very careful of the engine oil grade stick to 20W40 come what may. Recommended brands- The Mahindra Maxilube or the Castrol GTX Diesel, both are 20W40 and rated CF-4, don't use or rather try to avoid Castrol GTD it is CD-4 and not highly recommended.

Get the coolant checked once in a week and always top up the bottle with distilled water and the radiator with coolant, but don't be too generous with the coolant. Every 10K kilometers drain the coolant and fill it up with fresh one. The Bolero now needs a bit of TLC, but if you don't miss out on the routine maintenance, the vehicle will easily go another 50K without a major rebuild. Hope this helps.

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