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New Car Launch in India 2011 - New Linea Vento Focus Etios Cars

Fiat is thinking about updating its new Linea and launching a more powerful 1.6 JTD diesel, same like it has launched the more powerful petrol recently. They are also thinking about changing their vendors which they share with Tata Motors as of now in a bid to improve the quality of fit and finish, so if this happens, Linea may be a strong contender again.

VW Vento is sure to create storm in this market if priced sensibly and going by Polo’s pricing, it may do it.

Ford is also working on Ford Focus which may make it to India but that is not soon enough so out of picture, it will be past 2012 most probably before it happens.

Toyota Etios is coming and though it’s a Toyota, I doubt its succeeding much against Honda due to its conventional looks. Aggressive pricing may work wonders though, so with new car launches in India, 2011 is going to be a great year for us as an Indian car customer. I only pray that Honda develop its small diesel engine soon for Honda City and other smaller cars.

Buying a car 10 lacs budget

Question: Okay, now the 2 main cars in my mind have been Maruti SX4 and Honda City. Ford Fiesta is a good car but then if the car was to be bought 2 years ago when it was launched, I would have thought about it but now it needs up gradation and also lacks snob value which would be there with Honda City and between the trials of all the cars were taken before I posted it here. As for Hyundai Verna I did not bother to ask as the person, my relative, who has to drive the car frankly did not like Hyundai cars at all.

Main advantage was with SX4 due to the height that the driver is asking for. Power is not an issue. Skoda Octavia is a good car and solid built but will not advise after hearing about the different reviews from the owners. Between there is a new VW coming, I don’t remember the name could be the Venta. It will be costing the same amount and will be an extension of the Polo which is sold in India but with a bigger engine of 1.6 L I guess.

Answer: It is called VW Vento. It will come equipped with 1.6 petrol and diesel so hopefully will not bag for power like the Polo does. It is a option worth waiting for, but in the current list, my pick will be Honda City. If your relative is not in a hurry, then it will be good to wait for the Volkswagen Vento.

Read more Buying a Car in Rs 10 Lakhs Budget - Compare Honda City Fiesta Indigo Logan Optra Octavia SX4 Cars

Buying a Car in Rs 10 Lakhs Budget - Compare Honda City vs Fiesta vs Verna vs Octavia vs SX4 Cars

While suggesting a car, it should be based on practical and logical facts. If you say that Fiesta or Verna are really good, it is understandable, but when you say that simply buy it without a comparison with any other contender, just because you bought it doesn’t make sense If you feel Ford Fiesta or Hyundai Verna are the best options, then put a few points in favor of then. Like does Verna has better space than other contenders? Has it better performance or looks or resale value or road presence or dynamics or stability or spare parts or whatever just because a car has little higher number of service centers doesn’t make it a better car. Honda doesn’t need thousands of service centers. Till date Honda has not experienced a stranded car due to mechanical failure, it says a lot about Honda quality. If you say that its 1 lakh cheaper than Honda, then you should also keep in mind that for that 1 lakh extra which you pay for Honda City, you get extra space (City is more roomy than Fiesta), more powerful engine (118 bhp vs 102), equally excellent handling, a better resale value (no one can deny that the City rules in resale value), a better brand image (Honda has the strongest image in India as per JD power survey) better fuel efficiency (it has better FE than the equivalent Petrol Fiesta) and same levels of safety (it has all and bells and whistles) and spare part wise too, if you claim that its 25% cheaper than Honda, can you put prices of some parts here compared to Honda which are 25% cheaper? Does any one know that the paid service cost of Honda City is among the cheapest in the business?

In same way if you says buy Verna because it rocks, then please throw some light on it why it rocks? Someone says that as the driving is not much, diesel is not required, so CRDi is out of picture. Now compare petrol Verna with others. Verna has the least impressive handling in its class. It rolls a lot and dynamics are not there up to the mark comparable to Fiesta or City or even SX4. It has 103 bhp on paper but its takes the max time to reach 0-100 kmph. Fuel efficiency is nothing to write home about. City rules here too. Its not the most spacious or comfortable. That crown again goes to Honda City. It does not enjoy the best resale value (diesel not included). It competes in spares as spare parts are at par with city and some are cheaper too. No doubt, but it does not enjoy a strong brand image as Honda or Skoda have. Safety wise, Honda City has a better built cabin and also has Airbags standard across the range which Hyundai Verna doesn’t have even as an option. I don’t give a biased favor to City here as I also said that an Octavia is a worthy option and even better in some cases. Fiesta and Verna are also great cars but as an overall package, they don’t match up to the level of Honda.

If you disagree, then please put the figures and facts here. I would love to compare cars.

Buying a Car in Rs 10 Lakhs Budget - Compare Honda City Fiesta Indigo Logan Optra Octavia SX4 Cars

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Planning to buy a car within 5 to 7 lakhs range - resale value

Hi Soni,

I have gone through your blogs on different cars and i'm really impressed. I'm an software employee in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh and I am planning to buy a car within 5 to 7 lakhs range. I like Punto but by dad is not encouraging on this just because of its resale value. Now, i need to think about Swif, Ritz, i20, Fabia, Polo,
Figo. Please suggest me on this. Your suggestion is very useful for me.

I look forward to hear from you!!!

Best Regards

Santosh Kumar Konathala
Answer: Your dad is right regarding resale value of Punto, even Polo, Figo,
and Fabia remain in this category as they are newcomers in this price
range and do not have as good resale value as Swift and Ritz. Hyundai
cars like i20 though have less resale value than Maruti cars but still
can be of a good choice. I would suggest you to buy Swift or Ritz or
i20 if resale value is on your mind. For more specifications, you can
go through my blogs with comparisons on various economical Indian

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Buying a used 4x4

Tata Safari as a used 4x4 SUV rocks. My uncle’s Safari has done 40000 km in 2 years and it hasn't given him any major problem. He just had to change the battery, which is normal. He also had to change the AC condenser fan, as it got short and spent Rs 3000 to get it fixed. The best tires for Tata Safari are Brigestone Dueler which last approximately 50000 km under normal driving conditions, so look at the odometer reading and match that with the tires. It should give you a fair idea if the odometer has been worked on.

Read some tips to check used Tata Safari so that you don't fall prey to a useless used 4x4 for sale:

Buying Used 4x4 in India: Things To Check Before Buying Used Tata Safari

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indigo diesel not for private use, ideal for taxis

After reading and going through various mixed reviews about Indigo diesel, it has been found that most customers are dissatisfied with this car. Here is one more review for you. I am using TATA Indigo LX for nearly two years, but I am very much disappointed with its performance, quality, and services. The worst thing happened to me was that its gear box collapsed in first 10,000 KM and was replaced. If you are looking for a quality car, then a big no to Tata Indigo, but there are a few things to be really appreciated first. Its mileage is really good and I am getting an average of 12-13 kmpl in Mumbai City and 17‑18 kmpl in highways with AC on. Second, the space inside is really good, very spacious. Suspension is good.

Coming to negatives, the car really lacks in power and it will be horrible in low RPM. The clutch is really bad and very tight and I used to have leg pain if I drive for more than 2 to 3 hours in city. The engine really lacks refinement. The parts are very cheap quality. The servicing is horrible, I tried Tata Motors in Delhi and everywhere it is really pathetic, so it is my opinion that Indigo diesel is not meant for private use and is ideal for taxis.

Buying Indigo Diesel Is Economical

Buying indigo diesel is economical but the quality is not up to the mark. My various friends have more than 5 years of experience with Tata Indigo and I can point out some faults first of all with the engine performance, mileage is superb, but pickup is below average, city riding will not be very comfortable but in highway it is smooth and excellent as like other diesel cars.

Gear shifting is not good and sound is very high, suspension is not good, but the new indigo is nice to see and super performance all the above complaints have been solved by the Tata engineers so what you are waiting for go for the new indigo which is economical.

Indigo Petrol Rocks – Positive Review

One of my office colleagues bought a new Tata Indigo and has been using an Indigo Petrol (GLS) for more than 2 years now and has had no issues till now. In Delhi city, it gives him 10 to 11 kmpl with A/C on. On the highway, he gets 17 kmpl with A/C. If you are looking for a smooth pickup and a comfortable drive, go for the petrol version. I think one easy formula to decide whether you want to buy diesel or petrol is to think of the average running of your car per day. The showroom salesperson told him that if your daily running is less than 25 to 30 kilometers, you should not go for the diesel variant plus Tata Motors has bettered their petrol engine after getting the 32 bit MPFI engine. It's a much smoother drive.

Two areas of improvement:

1. Gear is not as smooth as a Maruti car.

2. The plastic parts in the car (door handle, arm rest, petrol/boot opening levers etc) can be much better

But it's the best value for money and incredibly spacious and therefore a positive review for Indigo Petrol from my side but I am not sure about Indigo Diesel as there are a lot of complaints about it.

Tata Indigo Review Poor Service Hard Clutch

My friend owns an Indigo from past 14 months. He says car is definitely value for money, but it comes with its own problems.

Service quality is very poor if you are used for any other service quality like Maruti.

The car lacks perfection. (TDI doesn't work that effectively as it used to work in the initial days).

Clutch becomes hard, two of my friends also own an Indigo and they also faced this clutch hardness. We have replaced that with a new one for all of us now, but still it has become hard again.

I would advice you to please hold on your buy because a lot of new cars have entered the market this year and Indigo has also been launched in 1.6 L version which is an engine from FIAT.

Swift Diesel is also another best option.

Service is one thing you should review before you buy a car because it is only with good service that you can really enjoy the life and luxury of a car.

All Tata service stations are very crowded because of their MUV and taxi segment deep penetration.

Yes definitely this is the state in Delhi service stations, just check at your place as to how good the service is, and then decide on buying a new car with your hard earned money.

Indigo Car Complaint

Indigo car has some refinement issues. My friend had to take it initially sometimes to get this nagging issues sorted out. They did it pretty fast without charging him anything for that. Some of the problems he has faced are:

1.    Water leaking onto the mats while A/C is on
2.    Some body parts creating rubbing sounds
3.    A/C idler went bust after 3 years
4.    Due to the vibration, the diesel pump clamp had broken off
5.    Bearing was damaged after only 3 years

The last one was because they had not put grease during the service. You cannot believe them, you will have to be a bit wary. This I think is the case with all car dealers - not just Tata. When you take for a service, they will come up with all nonsense repairs to be done. It will be around 2000 on an average for the service, even if it is free service. Talk to them in detail about the work you want them to do, when you take the car for service; otherwise, they will milk you.

Buying Diesel Car in 7 lakhs budget

If you have a budget of 7 Lakh plus, go for Accent CRDI, but if you want value for money, then definitely Indigo car is the best choice. You cannot compare it with a petrol car. Diesel cars always have a bit more vibrations and less pickup than a petrol car, but diesel is Rs. 10 cheaper than petrol and also Tata are in diesel engine manufacturing for the past 50 years so you can trust the engine quality. Also as it is completely an Indian car, its spare parts are very cheap as compared to Hyundai Accent spares because they are all imported and another important thing, the mileage is excellent 20+ on highways and 15+ in city more than any petrol car.

Buying Brand New Car - Cash Offer Tips

When you go to any showroom to buy a brand new car and ask for the price, ask for some offers or some dealer discount. If they don’t give you any offer on their own or refuse straight away, then tell them that your will buy the car from another showroom. When you will do this, then they will give you some extra offers like Rs.25000/- discount, remote locking, company fitted music system, etc. When I bought a car in August 2010, I got the cash offer from the showroom and other free accessories from the showroom.

JVC Car KDG140 50Wx4 MOSFET In-Dash CD Receiver
If they give you some offer, then also tell them that in other showroom they are giving more offer and you will buy a car from them. Then they will give some additional offers to you. No problem if it is not a cash offer, you can get more things because this is the way I got some offers when I bought my car, such as free insurance, road tax, registration, remote locking, and Rs.30000/- discount. Don’t leave them and ask for the accessories. Best of luck for your purchase of brand new car

Indigo Car Engine failed 3 TIMES in 2 years,

I would suggest try other cars in this segment as Indigo’s performance is not comparable with even smaller cars. The car is stable at higher speeds and may run well but the performance is not at all up to the mark. The after sales service is even worse. The noise is higher.

The car was selling before Swift Diesel only because of no serious competition in diesel in this price range but I feel other costlier options are definitely better. You can try Fiesta, Accent, Aveo, and Verna.

1998 Corvette Pace Car (OEM)
My friend bought his car Indigo LS in July 2004. Since then, his car has spent more than 45 days in the workshops of Tata Motors. The engine has failed three times since then. All the three times, he had to get the car towed for many kilometers. He has written more than fifty emails to Tata Motors who have no idea why the engine is failing again and again. Last time, they got it repaired locally at their dealer's workshop. The car was there for more than 8 days but they are not telling why it was there and what they did with it. May be they do not want to admit what went wrong. Due to frequent failures of the car, I had to purchase another car to take care of my family needs.

Even writing to their Esteemed Chairman has not produced any results. The emissions are not meeting pollution norms. My friend is left with no other option but to approach consumer courts. Anyone wanting details of the correspondence can write to my friend at He would be pleased to send you all the copy of the complete correspondence.

He previously bought cars from Maruti and Hyundai and never needed to interact with them as he never faced any problems with their cars.

I feel this is the reason that Tata Motors is never in the race of having higher percentage of satisfied customers. The customer support is as good as dead. If the customer is lucky to have no faults, then fine; otherwise, he is left in the midstream or in nowhere. Probably you all might be aware how Tata Motors recently had to pay compensation of around Rs. 7 lakhs to one of its customers. I would be glad to share the copy of that newspaper cutting with you.

Buying Second Hand Gypsy - Vintage Vehicle

Question: I am planning to buy a second hand gypsy. How to judge the vehicle? If any body is interested to sell gypsy, please let me know. (Delhi registration preferably, other south Indian vehicles will do) and what are the procedures for buying cars from other states.

Answers: Just look out for these things

· Dashboard clamps and window locks, window hinges, dashboard strips. These are things, which are cheap, but you would not get as gypsy is no more available in the market and as are some of its parts.

· Check oil and oil switch since Gypsy is harsh used you can have a lot of problems with costs.

· Wiper motor assembly is generally not working in many old gypsies. It's very expensive and hard to source, so please check it.

· If you are buying a gypsy before rains, check the gutter system is intact or not else you will end up facing lots of problems.

· Brakes and clutch and 4x4 transfer case if have some problems can be easily fixed.

· Check for noises in water pump for timing belt.

· Check the door biddings if they are totally damaged so check if new ones are available.

· Tin work is generally a issue with gypsies, buy only if its is around door sides and not beneath.

· See if the chassis is increased or altered as some people do. Steer away from those vehicles.

Remember the above points as whatever gypsy you buy, it will be costing on a higher side for its credentials, as it's a vintage vehicle.

Best of luck.

For more info on buying used cars, visit this link:

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car In India

Tip #1: Engine Condition

Tip #2: Mileage

Tip #3: Accidental History

Tip #4: Past claims from insurance company

Tip #5: Let car mechanic test the used car for sale

Tip #6: Check records from local R.T.O like RC, road tax paid, etc.

Tip #7: Visible scratches, dents, and cracks

Here are some of the best makes of second hand cars in India (more durable)

· Toyota, Honda (known for quality)
· Maruti (cheap and good for small family)
· Ambassador (cheap to maintain; every mechanic knows about this car)
· Qualis - for groups and tour operators
· Mahindra Scorpio - Cheap but not so reliable
· Tata - Old models had many problems Fiat, Ford - Quality issues in general

Read more info here:
Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car

Monday, May 17, 2010

CNG in Honda City - Pickup and Performance Troubles

My hubby has got CNG in Honda City just a month back and he is really fed up as it gives a lot of troubles and he has decided to remove it now!

If your hubby is having problems with CNG, then the problems can be reduced pickup and performance and sometimes the car might not accelerate properly, so I recommend you to read this first to improve pickup and performance of your car on CNG.

Also an important thing about Pick up on CNG:

Pick up on CNG without AC is equal to pick up on petrol with AC so if you want fuel efficiency and you are a long distance rider like doing 1000 km per month in Delhi/NCR than keep on with CNG but if you run your car short distances like up to 500 km, do not go for that as it will decrease the resale value after running for five yearsAlso do not buy the Chinese kits. Get a govt approved CNG kit from an authorized dealer.

Which car to buy? WagonR, Santro, Chevy Beat, Ritz, or New Alto

Hello, it seems like you are a lot into cars...I want to buy Wagon R or Santro Xing for me...What is your take? Which one is better? Can you weigh the pros and cons? and what's your choice between Santro Xing and Wagon R? I am more interested in my car than hubby's! Hehehe

Get Wagon R for more boot space and Santro for a smoother drive but if you wanna buy a new car, why don't you go for Chevy Beat.

This new baby from Chevrolet is the heart of small car buyers these days. Plus you will get the Euro IV (new k-series engine) according to the latest emission norms for cars in India.

You can try Maruti Ritz. This car has also got good ratings from auto market and car bloggers community. You can also read my extended comparison of Ritz and Swift here: Which Car to Buy - Maruti Ritz ZXI or New Swift ZXI BSIV

yeah...but most probably i will buy a second hand only because you know the parking problem in Delhi and my budget is 2 to 2.5 lacs INR

Why you go for an old WagonR or Santro then? Why not buy a new car at that price, its Alto.

Here are some reasons to Buy New Maruti Alto 2010 with K-Series Engine

Plus point is that you are getting a new car and you know new is new and old is old. Second hand cars have little validity. Buy a new car and live tension free for at least 5 good years. Second hand cars can cause you problems anywhere on the road and you being a girl should not prefer it. Here are the price details for new alto 2010 latest edition: Variant Metallic Non-Metallic

MARUTI ALTO LX BS IV 263362.94 260196.81
MARUTI ALTO LXI BS IV 280871.07 277704.94
MARUTI ALTO STD BS IV 231989.50 228823.37

plus Ritu here is the link to alto's website: Maruti Alto Official Site

If you are spending money, don't throw it, spend it wisely. Your hubby will be very happy with your decision. Nitin, me, and one of my colleague in office all are having Alto's, they are giving 21 km/hr on highways and 15 km/hr in Delhi traffic with AC on petrol, no CNG kits.

Thanks I know you are right. Even my hubby says to go for Alto, but the problem is that I do not like Alto, you know how silly girls are! I need either Santro or Wagon.  hahaha.

Hahahaha. I got you. Take Wagon R then. At least it's broader than Santro. Girls are girls..

Maruti Eeco Review for Prospective Buyers

Maruti Eeco is a cheap car for a big family. One of my friend got a chance to test ride Maruti Eeco a few months back. The car feels very good, though not as classy as earlier Versa, which I have driven earlier.

The main differences between the earlier versa and present Eeco are that its engine has been changed to a new 1200 cc one as against the earlier 1300 cc engine which is available in Gypsy King, Maruti Swift, and Maruti Esteem. The engine remains under the seat and is not under the bonnet as wrongly reported on many websites.

The roof of Eeco has also been lowered from extra high roof of Maruti Versa and this has actually given a good stance to this new car, rather than the top-heavy truck like stance of previous Maruti Versa. The dashboard is somewhat okay and looks like that of Maruti Alto's, though it is not well finished, probably as a result of Maruti cutting corners. The front seats are sufficiently bolstered for this class of car and have an integrated seat-cum headrest as in Hyundai i10. However, the middle 2 seats as well as rear seats are of very poor quality and a total letdown and feel like that of Delhi Corporation buses of old times. Seat back's height is also very low and can lead to a severe whiplash injury in case of a rear impact to this vehicle.

Moreover, this car does not even have the option of a power steering in any of the models. This may not matter with a light load, but with a full load on hilly roads, it will really tax a person's biceps and cause early exhaustion. It also does not have any music system or power windows either.

The front of Maruti Eeco is apparently increased in length marginally compared to that of Maruti Versa. The front looks tidy and the innards under the bonnet are well placed. The boot space is huge in the 5-seater Eeco and the rear portion has some space even in seven seater for some luggage. The engine is a bit raspy and not as smooth as the earlier engines that we are used to from Maruti brand in India. I suspect it is due to the requirement for higher compression ratio and emission standards. The A/C is sufficiently cooling during evening; however, I suspect it will be unable to cool the large cabin in hot summer days, especially with this big boot space. Moreover, the 7 seater Eeco does not even come with an air-conditioning option.

Least but not last, the driver's seat and position is totally royal and it towers over other small cars and feels similar to driving an Innova or Scorpio no less, except for the weedy and small steering wheel. The turning radius of Maruti Eeco is very small and I was only able to make a U-turn within half the road. If you have an open mind, this vehicle is enjoyable to drive.

All in all, Maruti Eeco car is economical and is a real bargain for the price Maruti is offering. It seems to be a waste of money to go for a small car like Maruti alto or Maruti Wagon R or Ritz for about 3.1 -4 lakhs when you are getting a big jeep-like car for just 10% more amount. Maruti Eeco 5 Str With A/C and Heater comes at 304213.17 INR in Delhi whether metallic or non-metallic. Maruti Eeco is good for middle class people having a big family.

Happy Economical Driving

Also read: Reasons to Buy New Maruti Alto 2010 with K-Series Engine:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why should I buy Chevrolet Beat? Review

Question:  I have five Options. What To Choose from them? No Other Car!

·    Chevrolet Beat 1.2l LT (Option Pack)
·    Hyundai i20 1.2l Asta
·    Tata Indica Vista Saffire Aura+ 1.2l
·    Volkswagen Polo 1.2l TSI (Highline)
·    Ford Figo 1.2l TSI Platinum

The main thing is that my dad is willing to have only few important things to consider while making the decision:
1) Fuel Efficient (Most Important) with compliance to BS-IV Norms (No Lesser Than This)
2) Total Cost should be under 5 Lakhs (Maximum 6 Lakhs)
3) Long Term Ownership (Meaning this will be the only replacement after our beloved Fiat Padmini 1100 Deluxe BE dies out after 2010 in which I am learning how to drive!)
4) And Silly Thing - Only Hatch!!! (Due to parking woes in the capital).

After rave reviews and hell lot of R&D daily with websites, car magazines, friends and many more, I have limited myself to BEAT, Vista A+ & Figo!

I am in love at first sight with Hyundai i20, but Asta is crossing 6 lakh mark and budget has rose that even more! VW Polo demo cars have arrived from 10th of March but it might also become over budget for me to purchase, lets wait & watch!

Taking these facts into consideration please tell me what to select, but I forgot to tell one thing! Indica Vista Aura+ Engine are BS - III Compliant so again my dad will reject the car. So only two choices left:

Beat & Figo.

But the twist is that a lot of rave reviews has said that they are unsure of the Figo's Petrol variant and its also 10 ps less than Beat too! One thing to say that I want green color as the paint of the car, which is present, both in FIGO & BEAT!

Ultimately it's the Chevrolet BEAT!!! which is left. So Everyone common what you all think about this? Should I go with the BEAT or i20 or Figo!

An Expert Opinion Is Required! All BEAT owners please reply back since mileage is important in whole decision, please suggest which car to go for?

Answer: If its going to be a long term ownership like your Fiat Padmini, you can wait for Polo, it comes with a 6 years anti corrosion warranty, which means the body should be well built with top class quality materials. Its has five star EURO NCAP safety rating. Figo is specifically made for economy conscious markets like India. Both Figo and polo misses on automatic climate control on top end variants. Beat is high on equipment level, you will have almost all features that you imagine. i10 has an extremely refined engine and super slick gear box with short throws.

I hope you have only petrol options in mind. If then, go for Beat or Ritz (though it is not in your list). I am a beat owner and I previously had the following cars in mind:

·    Skoda Fabia 1.2
·    Beat 1.2
·    Ritz 1.2
·    I20 1.2
·    Figo 1.2
·    Polo 1.2

My preferences were VFM, mileage and minimum cost of ownership, so immediately I crossed Polo, Figo and Fabia. This is because like WW, Ford & Skoda provide premium cars, so does they charge for service and parts. Just an example: a small crash with my relatives Ford Fusion resulted in shedding 1 Lakh INR, for Headlight (1 side) was around Rs12000. Similar is the case with my uncle's Icon. One of my friend have a Fabia and he says it is a good car until his dad's rich! WW & Skoda has very poor service network and their bills are not affordable to common people (many parts are still imported and not made here), so now I have Beat, Ritz & I20 in my option. Beat starts from 3.36 lakhs onwards. Why should I go for an underpowered and costly I20 (I can almost buy 2 Beats for that price or an ugly but otherwise good Ritz? So I finally ended up in Beat, a true VFM. I am getting a mileage of 18 kmpl on highways and 15 in heavy city traffic (both without AC) till now. Today is my car's first service and it clocked 1300 km in odo. Oil change is on 15000 kms so there are no charges for my first service. The only problem I faced is the noisy rear suspension in bad roads and potholes. When I asked the service guy, he said Chevrolet has rectified the sound with new suspension bushes. They didn't receive the replacement bushes from the company and will correct it once they are on stock under warranty. You said your dad is conscious about mileage. Ask him about cost of ownership too. Beat & Ritz have the minimum cost of ownership in its class. Your decision is final man

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fastest Car - Diesel vs Petrol

Winning a race does not depend on the car alone but on the driving skills too. I never said petrol would win against diesel in city. In fact I wrote that in the city most of the time, the diesel would win. But city driving does depends a lot on individuals driving skills. Forget beating diesel with petrol, I may not be able to win if you were on the petrol and I on the diesel. It depends on the driving skills. But yes within the operating range in the city, diesel does pack in more power than the petrol. On the point of being a fastest car, I just say petrol would reach 100 km/hr faster from rest. On braking, well I am still not very sure but I would probably go by what is mentioned in the previous blog post. Braking distance does depend on the momentum of the moving body and diesel being a heavier car would have more momentum at a particular speed than the petrol.

I am not good at very fast driving but what I am trying to say is when you drive both, you feel the huge difference. I tried to be unbiased when I wrote about the difference but not sure I was really unbiased or not. Not sure if you have test driven Swift Diesel. If not, just try it once and let me know the experience. Petrol or Diesel, Swift Rocks.

Racing Swift VXI or VDI

I am not 100% sure about technically which one is capable to reach high speed sooner but when you drive you feel the difference. I have driven both and I am not ready to believe that petrol will beat the diesel in the city as mentioned in the previous posts in this blog. I will accept it if you beat me in city.

About the braking distance:

My understanding is torque is there even when you are not pressing the accelerator (idealing torque) which is higher than petrol. On a practical note, try the braking in both and you will certainly say that petrol's brake is quick and instant compared to diesel. If not torque, there may be some other reason but check that out. The diesel Swift weighs more than the petrol and the brakes in both cars I am sure are the same. So if you think braking distance of D is more than P, it could be due to that alone.

Swift Petrol or Diesel - Who Wins the Race

If there is a race between Swift Petrol and Swift Diesel, then a petrol car will only win in the race track or a drift because it has higher RPM ranges but it takes time to reach there. In city roads Swift Diesel is a clear winner. If you need power, go with Swift VDI.

A petrol car like Swift does not take more time to reach speeds. That’s only case if you consider same gear acceleration. Otherwise, it reaches 100 km/Hr a good 2 sec before diesel car. and on the quarter mile, the difference gets higher, so Swift VDI would not  be able to beat Swift VXI if both start from rest. Power would not be the right term I guess because theoretically it is the Swift VXI Petrol that has more HPs and HPs are the units for power. Yeah, if we substitute that with pulling power, well yes Swift VDi Diesel has more pulling power (i.e. torque) which is not exactly the same as power because you can vary the useful torque of an engine with gearing but the thing that remains constant is HP and that is what called as real power of a car.

One more point someone said, “VDI has higher torque and even though both use the same brake, braking distance will be a little more in VDI."

No, I don’t think torque has to do anything with braking because when you apply brakes, you are not accelerating. and the engine is not producing torque or rather transferring that torque on to the wheels because you either let go on the pedal or press the clutch. In either case, no torque is being transferred to the wheels.

Bolero GLX - 2000 Model Coolant Problem

Question:  I own a Bolero GLX - 2000 model, has run 70k kms till date. I having no problem at all, free sailing, and the only thing is it drinks too much of coolant. What can I do about this?

Answer:  Now you are in a state where the engine needs to be a cared a bit more then what you have been doing before. You absolutely HAVE TO change the oil and other fluids working directly on the engine once in 5k kms, especially be very careful of the engine oil grade stick to 20W40 come what may. Recommended brands- The Mahindra Maxilube or the Castrol GTX Diesel, both are 20W40 and rated CF-4, don't use or rather try to avoid Castrol GTD it is CD-4 and not highly recommended.

Get the coolant checked once in a week and always top up the bottle with distilled water and the radiator with coolant, but don't be too generous with the coolant. Every 10K kilometers drain the coolant and fill it up with fresh one. The Bolero now needs a bit of TLC, but if you don't miss out on the routine maintenance, the vehicle will easily go another 50K without a major rebuild. Hope this helps.

Diesel Car Maintenance Tips

Question:  Would like to know after how many kilometers, it is advisable to replace the following items, engine oil, oil filter, diesel filter, coolant, steering oil, and brake oil? Also there may be few things that I may have missed out, which I would like to know.

Answer: Best place to look for this information is the owner's manual, as it has periodic maintenance listed in a table with approximate kilometers required for a change in consumables. Regarding engine oil, I change engine oil at every 5K kms and diesel filter at 20K kms.

Question: Do you need to change coolant, steering oil, and brake oil periodically unless there is a problem or do you need to bleed the old one, fill in new? Actually I need to change my coolant frequently within a span of 3 months. Is it okay?

Answer: There is something wrong with your car. get your radiator, fan and hose checked. The coolant level dips very sharply and hence top it with plain water, but ultimately within a span of 3 months only water remains, hence, you need to fill the coolant again and no top up after 3 months.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Xylo vs Scorpio - My Two Cents

Question:  Tell me which vehicle Xylo or Scorpio is more comfort. I don't want the style matter, especially which one have much legroom in the third row seating. Is Xylo reliable like Scorpio? Can we drive Xylo in rough roads often? You might have played with both Xylo and Scorpio. Please share your suggestions.

My Two Cents:  First and foremost they both are two different machines from two different segments, one is an SUV and the other is a mini van. I have a Scorpio and have test driven the Xylo. The scorpio has a lot of body roll which is very well controlled in the Xylo. There is still noticeable body roll though. The Scorpio has better pick and acceleration compared to the Meagle engine on the Xlyo, but it is not bad, it pulls well, has a slight noticeable turbo lag, but in the right power, it really moves well.

Now coming to the leg room, it has loads of space in the form of leg room as compared to the Mahindra Scorpio, the third row even beats the Toyota Innova in legroom. Then, there are so many bells and whistles that are offered for the price and a lot of nick naks spread all over the car. I think the Xylo is also more mileage oriented. Xylo is a better tourer than the Scorpio any day. Go for it if you want comfort and don't want to be tossed around, but again here the Mhawk has a lot of suspension issue sorted out, so it is not as bad as the CRDE that I have.

If you want road presence, command of view, and the butch look with SUV owner tag then Scorpio. Value for money Xylo every rupee of it. Now all you need to do is a test drive of Xylo and Scorpio and decide for yourself.

Bought New Swift - Now Upgrade It

An important point is whatever you are buying, you should think of following upgrade:

1. Lights: factory fitted 55w light is insufficient and very poor. You have to upgrade to Philips rally 90/100 which requires an additional wiring. Total cost is 1000. There are some lights like Osram night breaker and one Philips mode which claim to provide more light without the need of any realy or wiring. It costs around 1200.

2. Horn: It is very soft and nobody moves. You should put Skoda horn (Made by hella) 700rs.

3. Steering wheel grip is not good. Good one cost 450 INR.

4. Tyre : Factory fitted tyres and not suited for high speed driving. You should upgrade to at least 185/70 (Michelin energy xm1)

5. Sunfilm. The best sunfilm V-Kool costs around 5.5k

Unbiased Review of Maruti Swift VXI or VDI

Monday, April 26, 2010

Which Maruti Swift Should I Buy - VXI or VDI

You don’t need to be an automobile engineer or a maruti swift engineer to have a good knowledge about VXI AND VDI. I think the below steps will surely help many Swift lovers to decide on VXI or VDI.

Very simple
Petrol= 11 km per liter mileage
Diesel=15 km per liter mileage

Petrol = Rs 48
Diesel = Rs 37

Petrol more fun on high revs
Diesel fun enough on low revs

More rev = more fuel consumption = higher running cost.

Vdi has a turbo which kicks in at about 1800 RPM that is as close as you can get to feeling NOS in India, so go for Swift VDI

Read in more detail here:

Which Maruti Swift Variant Should I Buy - Compared Swift VXI or VDI

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nutritional benefits of Fenugreek Herb

Nutritional Information of Fenugreek per 50 gram

· Fenugreek contains 395 calories.
· Fenugreek contains 28 gm carbohydrates.
· Fenugreek contains 14 gm protein which is 25 % of daily requirement.
· Fenugreek contains 4 gm fat.
· Fenugreek is a good source of iron, phosphorus, and vitamin A.
· Amazing nutritional fact of fenugreek is its extraordinary wealth of easily assimilated protein, which is nothing, less than to 30 percent by weight.

Do you know that although fenugreek has been cultivated in the Mediterranean lands since the ancient times, it originally belongs to the Middle East. Latin name of fenugreek is Trigonella foenum-graecum. Fenugreek is also called Greek hay because of its scent of fresh hay and pervasive that follows.

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