Thursday, August 6, 2009

Want to buy a car - I compared Swift with i10

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Dude. It is swift all the way. I have driven the i10, but Swift is more fun to drive.

If you can stretch to Swift VDi / Ldi, it is blessed with a gem of an engine. My brother owns one and it is very much fun to drive and is extremely fuel efficient. We get 15 km per liter in city traffic and 20 km per liter on highway (both mileage are with AC plus bigger tires in alloys). Until now, clocked 3000 kms in first service.

Also, engine is the same as the Swift DDiS in UK. UK Swift has 69 bhp whereas we get 75 bhp and it is manufactured by Maruti plant, so it feels great to have the same engine as an international spec!

One more thing friends, I agree i10 has excellent interiors, but most people think beige means better interiors, which is wrong. Swift also has great interiors. Looks neat and tidy and it is also low in maintenance.

Maruti Swift can easily seat five folks and is quite spacious but Hyundai i10 cannot do the same easily.

You can also just go by what magazines or TV reports have to say. Take a look on magazines and have test rides and decide yourself.

Hyundai i10 is for people who just want to "catch the i" and Swift is for people who want to catch the horizon and never get caught themselves".

Also fuel efficiency and average of a car depends on the driving style. If you will use the clutch and gear more with zippy drives, the average for Swift will be around 10 and if you drive it at an average speed between 50 to 60 km per liter using less gearshift and pressing clutches, the average will be around 14 to 15 easily.

Hyundai i10 is the best suitable car for learners and Swift is for a real MACHO.

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