Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you think that sign language is a hindrance in learning speech?

I don't think so that sign language is a hindrance in learning speech. In fact it supports understanding clear speech and its use. I don't understand why people look down when a person uses sign communication? It’s their language.

Just a thought popped up in my mind, the way English people tried making the world look like them English, we here are doing the same, by imposing only speech communication, we are snatching their rights. It is clear that it is their own choice and preference.

Yes, I am in favor that teaching sign languages to babies is not only helpful but enhances their communication skills from the first date.

Do you think that teaching sign language to babies is helpful?

Eventually, it is a person's own preference whether he/she wants oral communication or sign. People who just stick to sign language, experience smooth communication and express their thoughts wonderfully in signs. It also enhances primary language. On the other hand, people who use oral preference have experienced good speech as well. So, there is no evidence that proves sign/oral communication is the best. It's person's own preference.