Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Earn 100 Dollars in Cash Money With Paypal Account for Facebook Users

How to Earn 100 Dollars in Cash Money With Paypal Account for Facebook Users

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What I will do with these free 100 Dollars in Cash for Facebook Users?

100 dollars in free earnings are enough for you to buy a small gift for Christmas and New Year like an Ipod or something for your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or anyone you are in love.

P.S: I found this offer yesterday via an email link sent by a fellow hubber, sangeetjass, and I referred around 100 friends yesterday via email and have earned 10 dollars up until now. After earning these 100 dollars, I will present a small gift to my wife on her birthday plus I have mentioned 2010 in this article because this promo will end on December 31, 2009 and paypal will credit money to our accounts in January or February 2010.

For more info visit: How to Earn Money With Paypal Account in 2010 รข�� Free 100 Dollars in Cash for Facebook Users

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Auto Insurance Guide - Common Misconceptions

Auto Insurance Buying Guide - 5 Common Misconceptions

The insurance company cannot reimburse your everything you have paid for your car because if your vehicle is damaged in a collision or accident, in some cases, it becomes impossible to recover the full cost of the vehicle because the payment for your claim you will receive is calculated taking into consideration market changes, depreciation, and other factors. For these reasons, payment for your car claim will not be what you have paid for it.

So it is best to evaluate and review your car insurance policy and compare it to what you assume about your car’s insurance coverage.