Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

Balls of Fury - Supposed to be an outrageous comedy about a secret culy society obsessed with ping-pong tournaments.

The Invisible - Interesting Lazy Sunday viewing by Disney. Story of a guy whose roughed up presume to be dead and dumped away. Now he is in a limbo (between living and dead) and needs his body to be found so he has a chance to be saved with very less time. Sounds bollywood but hell Sunday we don’t want to use brains.

Inglorious Bastards

Inglorious Bastards is a story of 6 "Rogue" US soldiers, who are given death sentence by US army. However as a last chance to redeem themselves, they are sent to Normandy, Germany on a mission. What follows is mayhem !

The Vega Brothers

This project is one that fans really wish happens. As all QT fans know, the two famous characters from Reservoir and Pulp, Vic Vega and Vincent Vega (played by Michael Madsen and John Travolta respectively)will be shown as Brothers. And this movie will be a prequel to Both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction !!!Howz that for a scoop

Remakes usually are not interesting but I would like to add this remake releasing in 2007 , Halloween

and I am excited about this only because its directed by Rob Zombie. Check out his last great flick, The Devil's Rejects

Guerrilla (2008): Beinicio Del Toro as Che Guevera, Directed by Steven Soderbergh, it can't get better than this

28 Weeks Later - Follow up to Danny Boyles '28 Days Later', this one is marked as better than the first one.

* Sunshine - Danny Boyles latest where a team heads out to re-ignite a dying sun

* 1408 - A person trying to study paranormal heads into hotel room 1408 believing paranormal is not existent only be stuck in a space scarier than nightmares.

* Angel-A - French movie where a man about to commit suicide ends up saving an unusual woman and his life becomes entirely topsy turvy after that.

* August Rush - A kid grown in an orphanage moves to the city treets using his musical skills to find his parents. Check out the trailer, its made very well.

* The Bourne Ultimatum - just plain curiousity.. whats left to tell.

* The Brazilian Job - Heist Movies are mostly fun

* Day Watch - Very difficult to understand but visuals with extreme creativity this is a part 2 of the russian night watch trilogy.

* The Eye - Remake of the Japanese Horror Hit. Why do i want to watch it... only 1 reason.. Jessica Alba :-)))

* Halo - Based on the game which possibly has the best promos for any game.

* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Yes i am a Harry Potter fan

* Hitman - Again based on the famous game, this hitman has some style. hope the movie lives to its expectations.

* The Invasion - Something like The Bodysnatchers, this Nicole Kidman / Daniel Craig thriller shows some promise.

* The Kite Runner - Based on one of the novels i absolutely loved. Based in afghanistan, this story is about relationships. Its a beautiful story by first time author Khalid Housseni.

  • Martian Child - Seems cute. John Cusack an author plans to adopt a kid and goes for the most weird one who thinks hes martian and his real parents are going to come from mars to take him back.

* Mr Brooks - Something like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kevin Costner has two identities a very famous and rich business and another that of an assasin. This is suppossed ot be a very good thriller.

* National Treasure 2 - Plain Curiosity

* Paprika - Japanise Anime which is suppossed to be ground breaking in terms of story telling

* Ripleys Believe it or not - Played by Jim Carrey, directed by Tim Burton this is story of Mr RIpley who starts collecting the weirdest things ever seen.

* Shoot em up - Cliwe Owen in a blow it all up action. The promo made me look forward to it.

* The Simpsons Movie - Can anyone not want to see this

* Transformers - This is going to be the biggest hit this summer

Shichinin no samurai

this is a movie which any true movie buff would recommend to u ,i dont say this because its rated highly in imdb or its been said as the movie which inspired many directors(many westerns were inspired by this one) but purely because i completely loved this Akira Kurosawa masterpiece eventhough it was made in 1954 u will never find it boring (which i was expecting it to be because its an old film and i only watched it keeping in mind tat i should like the story more than the movie but this movie was clearly entertaining with a great story to say).its beyond my understanding how such an old film could have so much to say and handeld with as much maturity ,clearly this movie truely is a masterpiece.