Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to write a freelance content writer resume

I am a blogger and content writer by hobby and senior quality analyst in medical transcription. I have been working in medical transcription for the last 9 years now and writing many blogs and hubs on hubpages for the last 2 and a half years now in total.

I also like to write reviews on cars, bikes, new gadgets and compare them with other products available in the market. I write articles on various topics which include niche ranging anywhere from personal relationship and love life to business articles.

I have also written opinions on childcare, pregnancy related know-how, and kitchen handling too.The most memorable blog of my life is: this hub, I have written my ideas on this really interesting hobby of creating remote controlled cars.

The next blog which hits my mind every time is:

Here is my online profile on hubpages: am working at the manager level in my profession and know how to manage people and utilize my leadership skills which I have learned from previous presentations done by me in exlservice.comMy hobbies include long drives, watching movies, spending leisure time with my family, and of course writing articles.I would like to become a successful internet marketer one day, leaving my full time job and earning 2000 dollars per month working from home.

How to write a freelance content writer resume

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