Thursday, March 12, 2009

A look at the Google Adsense Payment System

It is like this:

1. When reach 100 dollars or more on January 31, 2009.

2. In February, the earnings for January will show up in between 1 to 10th date of Feb.

3. Adsense will check for any holds up until February 15th and if there is no hold, a payment-processing link will appear in your account after February 15th and then between Feb 20 to Feb 28, the payment sent to your address details will be displayed.

4. In March, if you have opted for express delivery check, the payment will reach you by 5th and if you have opted for standard delivery, it will reach your address in between March 25 and 30.

So dear, you will receive you payments for the money earned up until Jan 31st in between March 25 or 30.



Which one to buy, Ford Fiesta vs Maruti SX4 vs Honda City vs Aveo

Ford Fiesta excels at performance and handling and it is about average in other departments.

Maruti SX4 is a value for money option, its performance is almost as good as more powerful Honda city, good hadling, lots of features for its price.

Maruti's after sale is a very good plus point for SX4 whooping sales and it has good mileage for a car in that segment.

Honda City looks modern but not beautiful to many, has bad interior plastics, low equipment, almost below average handling and a high price tag wich is not justified.

Look at Hyundai Verna only if you need a diesel and look at the Aveo only if you need great interiors and a bowtie badge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good points of Fiat Linea - 6.88 lakhs INR

Linea gives more VFM (talking about equipment list) than Fiesta 1.6. Linea is the best overall package that is present in India currently in this segment only shortcoming being Fiat's aftersales.

Linea is the car to buy. It’s handsome features are just too good at that price. Like what do you need, a Blaupunkt multi channel audio system with Bluetooth and USB, alloys, 195 mm tires, climate control, steering control, rear sunblind, rear AC vent, and many more. There is nothing left that you would want ina car.

I know Linea breaks are great and according to Overdrive car and bike magazine, 100-0 Linea stops in 40M. Fiat Linea is faster than Hyundai Verna, Honda City, and even Magnum Optra.

Read detailed review of Fiat Linea, visit the link below

A nice Fiat Linea with smooth engine in 7 lakhs INR