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How to Earn 100 Dollars in Cash Money With Paypal Account for Facebook Users

How to Earn 100 Dollars in Cash Money With Paypal Account for Facebook Users

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For more info visit: How to Earn Money With Paypal Account in 2010 รข�� Free 100 Dollars in Cash for Facebook Users

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Auto Insurance Guide - Common Misconceptions

Auto Insurance Buying Guide - 5 Common Misconceptions

The insurance company cannot reimburse your everything you have paid for your car because if your vehicle is damaged in a collision or accident, in some cases, it becomes impossible to recover the full cost of the vehicle because the payment for your claim you will receive is calculated taking into consideration market changes, depreciation, and other factors. For these reasons, payment for your car claim will not be what you have paid for it.

So it is best to evaluate and review your car insurance policy and compare it to what you assume about your car’s insurance coverage.

Friday, November 27, 2009

How auto insurance companies calculate the premium for your car?

How auto insurance companies calculate the premium for your car?

Beyond the specifics of your policy, one of the most important factors to determine your auto insurance premium is your individual insurance score, which is based on the information provided in your credit report that means you also need to maintain a good track record of paying insurance premiums of other policies you have taken in your lifetime. An individual’s insurance score comes out excellent with good track record, which is by paying insurance premiums on time, and there are no ECS bounces. If you have low probabilities of loss of insurance, these things enable the company to repay insurance with lower premiums.

Auto Insurance Guide - How does deductibles affect auto owners insurance premium?

Auto Insurance Guide - How does deductibles affect auto owners insurance premium?

Auto insurance premium is the amount auto owners have to pay to their insurance company two times a year or in small installments agreed on paper annually.

The deductible is the amount of money auto owners agree to pay in order to file a claim covered by their policy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Want to buy a car - I compared Swift with i10

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Dude. It is swift all the way. I have driven the i10, but Swift is more fun to drive.

If you can stretch to Swift VDi / Ldi, it is blessed with a gem of an engine. My brother owns one and it is very much fun to drive and is extremely fuel efficient. We get 15 km per liter in city traffic and 20 km per liter on highway (both mileage are with AC plus bigger tires in alloys). Until now, clocked 3000 kms in first service.

Also, engine is the same as the Swift DDiS in UK. UK Swift has 69 bhp whereas we get 75 bhp and it is manufactured by Maruti plant, so it feels great to have the same engine as an international spec!

One more thing friends, I agree i10 has excellent interiors, but most people think beige means better interiors, which is wrong. Swift also has great interiors. Looks neat and tidy and it is also low in maintenance.

Maruti Swift can easily seat five folks and is quite spacious but Hyundai i10 cannot do the same easily.

You can also just go by what magazines or TV reports have to say. Take a look on magazines and have test rides and decide yourself.

Hyundai i10 is for people who just want to "catch the i" and Swift is for people who want to catch the horizon and never get caught themselves".

Also fuel efficiency and average of a car depends on the driving style. If you will use the clutch and gear more with zippy drives, the average for Swift will be around 10 and if you drive it at an average speed between 50 to 60 km per liter using less gearshift and pressing clutches, the average will be around 14 to 15 easily.

Hyundai i10 is the best suitable car for learners and Swift is for a real MACHO.

Also read Which car to buy? Maruti Swift vs Ritz

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ultimate movie list of all time Part II

Be Kind Rewind movie released in 2008

I expected a lot from this move because it is made by Michel Gondry and written by him (I wish Charlie Kauffman worked alongside him while writing this one). The film never really takes off in the sense that it never manages to let you get hold of the characters and grasp the situation, which actually messes up a brilliant concept.

With a cast, which includes such a brilliant performer like Jack Black and still it fails miserably to bring out the smile is a huge disappointment.

The only reason I could recommend this film to others is because of its concept which I loved.

My advice: One-time watch.

My rating: 6.7/10

An Inconvenient Truth movie released in 2006

I cannot say much except that its message is loud and clear and that is Global Warming and that could be the biggest threat which mankind will have to face in the next few years. I m not saying much about it because the entire film has Al Gore explaining students how global warming actually takes place, so basically it is just like sitting and watching someone giving you a lecture on where you have gone all wrong in your life.

Anyways, you can just watch it if you are seriously interested in knowing more about the cause which Al Gore has taken up.

My rating: 7.7/10

for more movie reviews, visit:

Ultimate sexy movie list of all time Part II

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot Aishwarya in Sarkar Raj and Bipasha in Bachna Ae Haseeno

Looking so hot and sexy Bips aka Bipasha Basu in Bachna Ae Haseeno and Aishwarya Rai in Sarkar Raj.

I have seen both movies and included my review on them and you can visit it here:

Hot Aishwarya in Sarkar Raj and Bipasha in Bachna Ae Haseeno

My weird movie list of all time

Ken Park 2002 short movie review

Ken Park goes completely over the top of my head with its sickening sexual exploitation. It is really a sick movie and I don’t understand how such filmmakers are still allowed to express their views in such a pathetic manner by showing such scenes. I have seen Larry Clark's previous movie called Bully, which was equally disturbing, but I don’t get the point behind expressing your views through exploitation.

Enough is enough for this director. Now it is a high time that this man shows his true talent by making something more than a porn movie with a positive message.

My rating: 5/10

Meet The Spartans Movie (2008) Short Review

First of all, I would like to meet the director of this film for making me feel miserable the whole night for making go through this pathetic piece of shit. This one is worse than the Epic Movie and even manages to make Epic Movie look like a masterpiece in comparison. What can I say about a movie with no plot, no characters, and only two scenes which makes laugh expect that, “please bang your head to a wall rather than watching this movie and if you accidentally do watch this movie, please call me later so that I could help you get out of the whole process.

My rating: 0/10.

You can also view: The ultimate movie list of all time

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do you think that Honda Jazz is costly?

Is Honda Jazz costly for 7.62 lakh INR on road?

Honda has better global presence than Skoda. If you leave aside build quality, Honda vehicles are generally better than Skoda. And maintenance costs are definitely lower. Fabia could beat Jazz in sales only because of the diesel option, nothing else. Petrol to petrol, Honda is miles ahead of Skoda.

The 4-5 lakh car from Honda will be another car, not the Jazz. That car may take 2 or 3 years. The Jazz engine specs have been announced - 1.2L i-VTEC engine with 90ps power and 112N-m torque @ 4800 rpm. Pretty much the same as Swift P. Can't understand why they could not be generous with the torque!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

Balls of Fury - Supposed to be an outrageous comedy about a secret culy society obsessed with ping-pong tournaments.

The Invisible - Interesting Lazy Sunday viewing by Disney. Story of a guy whose roughed up presume to be dead and dumped away. Now he is in a limbo (between living and dead) and needs his body to be found so he has a chance to be saved with very less time. Sounds bollywood but hell Sunday we don’t want to use brains.

Inglorious Bastards

Inglorious Bastards is a story of 6 "Rogue" US soldiers, who are given death sentence by US army. However as a last chance to redeem themselves, they are sent to Normandy, Germany on a mission. What follows is mayhem !

The Vega Brothers

This project is one that fans really wish happens. As all QT fans know, the two famous characters from Reservoir and Pulp, Vic Vega and Vincent Vega (played by Michael Madsen and John Travolta respectively)will be shown as Brothers. And this movie will be a prequel to Both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction !!!Howz that for a scoop

Remakes usually are not interesting but I would like to add this remake releasing in 2007 , Halloween

and I am excited about this only because its directed by Rob Zombie. Check out his last great flick, The Devil's Rejects

Guerrilla (2008): Beinicio Del Toro as Che Guevera, Directed by Steven Soderbergh, it can't get better than this

28 Weeks Later - Follow up to Danny Boyles '28 Days Later', this one is marked as better than the first one.

* Sunshine - Danny Boyles latest where a team heads out to re-ignite a dying sun

* 1408 - A person trying to study paranormal heads into hotel room 1408 believing paranormal is not existent only be stuck in a space scarier than nightmares.

* Angel-A - French movie where a man about to commit suicide ends up saving an unusual woman and his life becomes entirely topsy turvy after that.

* August Rush - A kid grown in an orphanage moves to the city treets using his musical skills to find his parents. Check out the trailer, its made very well.

* The Bourne Ultimatum - just plain curiousity.. whats left to tell.

* The Brazilian Job - Heist Movies are mostly fun

* Day Watch - Very difficult to understand but visuals with extreme creativity this is a part 2 of the russian night watch trilogy.

* The Eye - Remake of the Japanese Horror Hit. Why do i want to watch it... only 1 reason.. Jessica Alba :-)))

* Halo - Based on the game which possibly has the best promos for any game.

* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Yes i am a Harry Potter fan

* Hitman - Again based on the famous game, this hitman has some style. hope the movie lives to its expectations.

* The Invasion - Something like The Bodysnatchers, this Nicole Kidman / Daniel Craig thriller shows some promise.

* The Kite Runner - Based on one of the novels i absolutely loved. Based in afghanistan, this story is about relationships. Its a beautiful story by first time author Khalid Housseni.

  • Martian Child - Seems cute. John Cusack an author plans to adopt a kid and goes for the most weird one who thinks hes martian and his real parents are going to come from mars to take him back.

* Mr Brooks - Something like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kevin Costner has two identities a very famous and rich business and another that of an assasin. This is suppossed ot be a very good thriller.

* National Treasure 2 - Plain Curiosity

* Paprika - Japanise Anime which is suppossed to be ground breaking in terms of story telling

* Ripleys Believe it or not - Played by Jim Carrey, directed by Tim Burton this is story of Mr RIpley who starts collecting the weirdest things ever seen.

* Shoot em up - Cliwe Owen in a blow it all up action. The promo made me look forward to it.

* The Simpsons Movie - Can anyone not want to see this

* Transformers - This is going to be the biggest hit this summer

Shichinin no samurai

this is a movie which any true movie buff would recommend to u ,i dont say this because its rated highly in imdb or its been said as the movie which inspired many directors(many westerns were inspired by this one) but purely because i completely loved this Akira Kurosawa masterpiece eventhough it was made in 1954 u will never find it boring (which i was expecting it to be because its an old film and i only watched it keeping in mind tat i should like the story more than the movie but this movie was clearly entertaining with a great story to say).its beyond my understanding how such an old film could have so much to say and handeld with as much maturity ,clearly this movie truely is a masterpiece.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you think that sign language is a hindrance in learning speech?

I don't think so that sign language is a hindrance in learning speech. In fact it supports understanding clear speech and its use. I don't understand why people look down when a person uses sign communication? It’s their language.

Just a thought popped up in my mind, the way English people tried making the world look like them English, we here are doing the same, by imposing only speech communication, we are snatching their rights. It is clear that it is their own choice and preference.

Yes, I am in favor that teaching sign languages to babies is not only helpful but enhances their communication skills from the first date.

Do you think that teaching sign language to babies is helpful?

Eventually, it is a person's own preference whether he/she wants oral communication or sign. People who just stick to sign language, experience smooth communication and express their thoughts wonderfully in signs. It also enhances primary language. On the other hand, people who use oral preference have experienced good speech as well. So, there is no evidence that proves sign/oral communication is the best. It's person's own preference.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michael Clayton and Shoot Em Up - Interesting movie review

Micheal Clayton movie review

The story begins with a woman having a baby during a shootout. The mysterious man who delivers the baby, called simply Mr. Smith (Clive Owen), is entrusted with protecting it from an army of gunmen after its mother is killed.

He thinks the assassins were after the mother, but he soon discovers the baby is the target. Mr. Smith must uncover the reason why this newborn is the target to save the kid's life and his own.

But Mr. Smith is the least person who should take care of a baby. He is homeless and angry. He takes the baby to a prostitute named DQ (played by Monica Bellucci) and she offers him help.

Great short sexy movie reviews of all time

Top favorite sexy Holly Wood movies of all time

Great Short Movie Reviews

The Prestige - From Chiristopher Nolan, director of Memento and Batman Returns, story who 2 magicians whose friendship turns to battle as the work to outdo each other

Children of Men - based in near future where all women have gone infertile and last baby was born years ago, humans are going extinct. see the trailer, its brilliant and hard-hitting. by acclaimed french director Alonso Cauron

Saw III - this seems like a never ending franchise with one part coming out every year.. part 3 didnt have many expectations since they were just churning out movies faster than we can imagine, but it is supposed to be better than the first parts, better story, more gore and more blood. last i heard saw iv is coming out next Halloween

The Fountain - A science fiction which 70% of the people wont understand, this one delays with a person across centuries who needs to get to a fountain at the end of the world which has mystical powers to save his dying wife

A Scanner Darkly - Weird concept of having shot with actors in real life and then editing it to make it looks like something between an animation and real life. It is a dark story that deals with a cop with split personality and involved in a drug racket

Host - A Korean horro/comedy which has become the biggest top grosser in the South Asia, its supposed to be scary as hell while maintaining the humor quotient...

Grudge 2
Continuity of Grudge (original) where you know what the movie was such a letdown, I don't intend wasting time writing a review about it. If you want to waste money and get bored, I suggest you watch it. Somehow it never did any good for me, not even for a second.

Overall 5/10

* World Trade Center
* The Wicker Man
* John Tucker Must Die
* Legally Blonde 3
* Grudge 2 (its terrible)
* Alien vs Predator 2
* The Punisher 2
* Nancy Drew

Sin City 2 - follow up with making the second novel into a movie

Shrek 3 - you can stop loving Shrek movies

Harry Potter & Order of the Phoenix - Need i say anything

Bean 2 - he is too funny !!

Live Free or Die Hard - the die hard series is always good action

Hellboy 2 - Part 1 was an average flick but Guilermo Del Toro is a creative film-maker and hes promised a good hardcore fantasy/action movie

Rush Hour 3 – Don’t know what they have to offer but seems interesting

The Bourne Ultimatum - The saga continues

The Brazilian Job - Sequel to the extra witty The Italian Job

28 Weeks Later - Sequel to 28 Days Later.. part 1 was cool, no clue about this flick

Indiana Jones IV - Will it ever be made ?? stuck in pre-production for years

Jurassic Park IV - Just curiosity, what can be milked out of the franchise now...

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - The second novel, part 1 was not bad at all...

Oceans 13 - The promotion makes it sound interesting

Pirates of the Carribean 3 - Waiting for this one to roll out

Resident Evil : Extinction - Though Part 2 suked big time this one promises to revive the series with more blood and ore darker story

Evan Almighty - A very very very expensive follow-up to the funny superhit Bruce Almighty

More Interesting Movies

Grind House - Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez each direct a one-hour segment in this horror collaboration.

Zodiac - From Davd Fincher the guy who made Seven & Fight Club comes another dark movie about tracking down the clues of a psychotic serial killer code-named Zodiac

Superhero! - Superhero spoof movie by David Zucker whose made Naked Gun, Airplane and Scary Movie 3/4

The Number 23 - From Joel Schumacher the director of Phonebooth comes another thriller starring Jim Carey, the story is of a man becomes obsessed and haunted upon reading a book that seems to be about his life but ends with a murder.

Premonition - Cool trailer. Seems interesting. A housewife is shocked when her husband dies in a car crash and reappears the next day. She realizes it was a premonition and tries to avoid the tragedy.

Stranger than Fiction - Starring funny man Will Farrel, this one is difficult to explain, a writer is writing a new book as thoughts to come to her head, but its actually the story of Will Fareell that is happening parallel. He can hear her narration in his head and notices things happening to him are exactly as she says. One she mentions he is going to die soon, now he must find her to know how and when...

Ripleys Believe It or Not - Story of Ripley as his hobby of finding unnatural people and things turns into an obsession and his life

10000 B.C. - Story is about a 21-year-old who lives among a primitive tribe that survives by hunting a mammoth each year as the herd migrates through the tribe's homeland.

Black Snake Moan - The plot involves a white nymphomaniac (sex addict) who must be "cured" of her disorder by an older black bluesman.

The Dark Knight - Sequel to Batman bringing back Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale

The Simpsons Movie - Need i say anything ??

The Last Legion - being an Aishwarya Rai loyalist I have to add this, as the Roman empire crumbles, young Romulus Augustus (Thomas Sangster) flees the city and embarks on a perilous voyage to Britain to track down a legion of supporters.

1408 - Horror/Thriller. A debunker of paranormal occurrences encounters real terror when he checks into notorious room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel.

How to write a freelance content writer resume

I am a blogger and content writer by hobby and senior quality analyst in medical transcription. I have been working in medical transcription for the last 9 years now and writing many blogs and hubs on hubpages for the last 2 and a half years now in total.

I also like to write reviews on cars, bikes, new gadgets and compare them with other products available in the market. I write articles on various topics which include niche ranging anywhere from personal relationship and love life to business articles.

I have also written opinions on childcare, pregnancy related know-how, and kitchen handling too.The most memorable blog of my life is: this hub, I have written my ideas on this really interesting hobby of creating remote controlled cars.

The next blog which hits my mind every time is:

Here is my online profile on hubpages: am working at the manager level in my profession and know how to manage people and utilize my leadership skills which I have learned from previous presentations done by me in exlservice.comMy hobbies include long drives, watching movies, spending leisure time with my family, and of course writing articles.I would like to become a successful internet marketer one day, leaving my full time job and earning 2000 dollars per month working from home.

How to write a freelance content writer resume

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Zodiac Movie Review - Great Hollywood movies in one blog

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

I have seen thrillers that shock, thrillers which are character driven and some which are made just for entertaining but after a really long time, I have come across a thriller which brings to life a killer’s chase through FACTS Zodiac begins of on a slow note (in fact the movie works due to the slow pace) and starts on by drilling the audience with the facts (as its a true story). Also the movie manages to capture Robert Graysmith (played brilliantly by Jake Gyllenhaal) obsession with the killer which adds characters to a already well documented plot. Zodiac is truly a must watch thriller but I cant say whether everybody will like it, as it is not a typical masala thriller. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (for David Fincher fans too).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A look at the Google Adsense Payment System

It is like this:

1. When reach 100 dollars or more on January 31, 2009.

2. In February, the earnings for January will show up in between 1 to 10th date of Feb.

3. Adsense will check for any holds up until February 15th and if there is no hold, a payment-processing link will appear in your account after February 15th and then between Feb 20 to Feb 28, the payment sent to your address details will be displayed.

4. In March, if you have opted for express delivery check, the payment will reach you by 5th and if you have opted for standard delivery, it will reach your address in between March 25 and 30.

So dear, you will receive you payments for the money earned up until Jan 31st in between March 25 or 30.



Which one to buy, Ford Fiesta vs Maruti SX4 vs Honda City vs Aveo

Ford Fiesta excels at performance and handling and it is about average in other departments.

Maruti SX4 is a value for money option, its performance is almost as good as more powerful Honda city, good hadling, lots of features for its price.

Maruti's after sale is a very good plus point for SX4 whooping sales and it has good mileage for a car in that segment.

Honda City looks modern but not beautiful to many, has bad interior plastics, low equipment, almost below average handling and a high price tag wich is not justified.

Look at Hyundai Verna only if you need a diesel and look at the Aveo only if you need great interiors and a bowtie badge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good points of Fiat Linea - 6.88 lakhs INR

Linea gives more VFM (talking about equipment list) than Fiesta 1.6. Linea is the best overall package that is present in India currently in this segment only shortcoming being Fiat's aftersales.

Linea is the car to buy. It’s handsome features are just too good at that price. Like what do you need, a Blaupunkt multi channel audio system with Bluetooth and USB, alloys, 195 mm tires, climate control, steering control, rear sunblind, rear AC vent, and many more. There is nothing left that you would want ina car.

I know Linea breaks are great and according to Overdrive car and bike magazine, 100-0 Linea stops in 40M. Fiat Linea is faster than Hyundai Verna, Honda City, and even Magnum Optra.

Read detailed review of Fiat Linea, visit the link below

A nice Fiat Linea with smooth engine in 7 lakhs INR